Nutrition—-It’s on our minds… and our minds need good nutrition.


Ok, I am going to push some buttons, and if you happen to own some of these beautiful things? Well, that’s what me and God are trying to get at. So listen up if your here, youre here for a Good god damned reason. And stop letting fowl language stop you from listening! Get past it! It’s just a word, YOU ARE THE ONE PUTTING THE MEANING INTO IT, NOT GOD? Hello! 

You are the final authority is you only look to your own mind to be your authority. But there are some things that you need, yes need to know if you plan to live a life that is whole. If you are chasing peace and you are here, you are onto the right path. These words you are reading are to guide you.

A great turning is happening now. Our nutritions is under the microscope. Our bodies are fed up. Now, you say, my body? Yes your body. Our bodies are very sophisticated interments, and machines. We need to quit thinking we know it and quit fucking with it. We need to stop carving each other up in the name of health. This is not health. This is ignorance of the vessel. And it is time. NOW! We all must listen. For the stomach has us by the balls. Most of us are crawling on the ground with pain. It is in your head, your soul and you are sick of the whole. A Phd can not help you, if you lack the gift to heal. One can not buy a gift. But everyones so worried about money, that we forgot we came here to do something. So, we have Doctors who want to make money, it is not there desire to heal, or we would not be in such a mess.

There is a time and it is now, when we are crying out for answers. Well, an answer is coming. But we must be willing to listen. We must be willing to change, and see the situation at hand differently. We must begin to eat for our health and body. Our tongue has held the reigns for to long. We have sat under preacher after preacher, and not heard the scriptures. For our tongue is a small thing, but hold such power, power that we have given it.And we have scarified our own health because of it! Because we have given our power to a man, who has gone to school to learn to push pills, and carve people up. And has not thought, this is craziness!

As I sit on my couch in the evening, I hear the damning of the pharmaceuticals as they try to peddle there wares, with list a mile long at the end. The nails to the coffin of a broken health care illusion sealed with each side effect. Can we not see? Are we so brain washed? Yes, we are. WE are like sheep to the slaughter. We parish for lack of knowledge.

I read a good word one time. Study to show thyself approved, a workman who need not be ashamed.

Now, I have posted about my fermentation and this is one of the things lacking in our diet. And we need to get these very friendly gut friendly, intestine friendly, diabetic friendly battery into our systems, we have over antibioticed ourselves! And our poor bodies are in fact 90% Bacteria. No wonder everyones tummy hurts! All we feed it is shit and wonder why we are carrying all this fat around. The body is telling you, “Hey man, not sure why you keep giving me this shit, but maybe we need it for later? Store it Bob! I sure wish they would figure it out! My brain is to busy trying to look good, it thinks that is more important.

Below here is a quote from the site link that is below the quote. As you can see, we are starving our bodies of good bacteria, because our mind is dumb, ignorant, and freaked out about bacteria! I mean come on people, get over yourselves. We are the very thing we are all freaked out about. Bleach, why should bleach go? It kills bacteria, it kills you! I wonder if all our problems might stem from over use of anti-products.

We need to look at nature. WE need to go back to basics. Back to what worked for our ancestors. With the technology of the now, in the sense of getting the word out. I am talking about bringing what worked for our ancestors up to speed with today. And slow the fuck down! Where you going? Oh, that’s right, to your grave! So, life is about the journey, not the destination babe! You just got caught up in the frenzy.

1. Mouth

Calcified dental plaque from ancient skulls tell us that mouth microbes became less diverse as we switched from varied hunter-gatherer diets to carb-heavy agricultural ones—and the bugs that thrive on all this sugar cause gum disease and cavities. Mouthwash, which wipes out beneficial and halitosis-causing bugs alike, could do more harm than good.

Ok, I have said some thought provoking things. And I have left some info, some links. I am not here to coddle you, it is time to grow up and start taking back your own power. Go and learn and study to show yourself approved. And change so you can reap the benefits of being aware of ones self. And trusting your gut to lead you to the places with the answers you seek .


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