Being Called Crazy

During my time of truth purging, I was told I needed mental help. True. I was told I need professional help. True. But the help I needed was not another human to talk to about a subject that I had gotten NO understanding about, but a loving Creator who gets all of me. So I ventured out on my own. I asked God to heal me, and show me how so I could help others. I am not sure I am done, but I have gained some relief in my venture to the dark side and the truth about what the world says and what I felt.

I accept that being adopted made me feel like shit at times. Especially when folks would tell me to forget my Birth Mom. Especially when they told me my Birth Mother did not want me. Who wants to hear that their Mother did not want them. But that was the truth, and God showed me why? Because the woman who wanted me was my Mother. Now folks that is a game changer. And if adoptees could embrace this, it would change their relationships with their Adopted parents. How? Well, how do you feel when someone thinks bad things about you? Does it make you want to be with them? Does it make you want to hold them? But this is happening everyday in many adoptees lives. Now I am not saying that it is wrong, it just is. I can see why?

  1. No one talks about it.
  2. Adoptive parents are scared of being rejected or the child wanting the Birth Mother.
  3. Parents who adopted were not prepared properly
  4. The world says cruel things about Birth Mothers
  5. Adoptees believe that if they speak and ask questions that their parents that showed up will reject them too. (this one is big)
  6. The world says cruel things to adoptees
  7. We kind of hide from things we don’t understand
  8. Many of our belief are formed when we are very young, birth-10
  9. Many of us are running information that is not complete.
  10. Birth Mothers are not prepared.
  11. We have unrealistic expectations on both sides of what it should be like.

These are a few. I am sure there are more and I will post more. Feel free to help me with your perceptions. For it is all of our truths that set us free. And as we share our views, we make it clearer for folks to understand.


Sometimes you got to risk looking crazy to become sane. And what I have garnered speaking my crazy truth is an understanding. And I have stood up for myself, which is key to getting yourself onto higher solid ground.

P.A.I.N. Perceived, action, interpreted, negatively.

Why do people get upset with your ideas? Because your ideas are dangerously close to toppling a belief system in that person. And they have placed that belief on the foundational level. So to accept what you say is to topple there own thoughts about the matter, because they really think they know it all. But again, that is just what they have told themselves. Once you’ve faced all of your demons, anyone can talk about anything, cuz it’s all true at some point in time. Somethings we out grow.
People come to me. Their souls bring them. I feed them what I have. Sometimes they like it, sometimes they don’t. That is just a reaction from the flesh man, from the small minds thinking. But God takes it and begins to turn their thinking around, and a miracle happens. Me, I get to do this, pop the zit. Yep, I just see it and pop it, that thought that has been festering, the one you’ve been thinking about, that is coming up and up and up, and I pop it. But now think about it, only then can it heal.

That’s why we need to talk about pain. P.A.I.N. Perceived, action, interpreted, negatively.

Cuz if we had all of the info, we would not be in pain now would we be? Hello! Let go of that shit you’ve been holding onto, yeah, that shit in your shame cave, that no one knows about? Or do they? Or could that piece of shame be drawing the very thing you don’t want to you? Might want to check it out, what you’ve been thinking about it all?

——————————FAce those painful thoughts you’ve been thinking?—————-

What are you so scared of? You see it? You are thinking it? Would if it came true? Go there in your mind? It’s just a thought sweetie? You don’t have to believe it? Put it back and reach for another! Go on, reach for one with love in it. Because that is the only truth, but we don’t get to the love until we go into that shame cave of yours babe. Gotta clean house there first. Why do you think Feng Shui works? It’s mind game to help you clear your thoughts through the physicals act of clearing a room designated for each part of our life? You go into it know that part of your life is what needs clearing and you clear not only the physical space but the mental? But we can do it other ways too. Stop looking at everyone else, look in and consult your own navigational system? Hello?