I met this song bird… and his song spoke to me.

Below is a song written by a man I just met at a Days Inn in Arcata, Ca. I met his lady bird. And he wanted a reading. He seemed so hungry to hear from God. To know God could see him the way he sees himself. Whole. Complete. A warrior. So I showed him by getting out of the way and letting God use me. It a fabulous job. And I love it.

I was reading a psychology major after her shift and telling her of the marvelous mind game of tarot and how it is a fun way to do vital mind work. And this man circled us, hovering for a divine message, for he was walking his shadow of death hallway to ascension and needed some light for his way.

This man is gift. And his song spoke so deeply to me. So much so I want to share it with anyone who reads here. He touches so many places and sheds acceptance and faith and perseverance in his words and I believe he is a words wizard of these times. Please listen. And please spread this word and let us see this star born and promote from within.

Thank you.

let’s make this dude go viral!! Give what you would want given and see what you want appear. It’s an amazing code when you love and give from your heart and touch people. He touched me. I hope he touches you as he sings a piece of your story back to you in a new way.

I pray blessings on this man. Lord please bless him and bring him higher so all can hear his gift. Amen.

Yes, Mama, I’m studying the tarot. So what?

Does not the words dictate that we study to show ourselves approved? A workman who need not be ashamed?

Like does attract to like. Mama. I’m like you. Just different. And I’ve attracted to you like a moth from the flame she was made from. And I’m just so done being nice to you. I am doing the kindest thing a daughter can do for you; which is to tell you her truth so you can let the truth you have that is tied to her go. So we can build something way better.

With the two of us? And the girls and family? We can do better.

Tarot is nothing more than a mind game that helps with manifestation of our highest good. And I went there to learn. And there is not evil in learning when your heart is right?

Look at the card on the bottoms of the deck? Seems Gods telling me to tell everyone. We’ve graduated at last to a way better life. And God uses tarot to help me heal. So win win. Xoxo.

Thank you SOS for seeing the Target and for showing up to shoot from the hip to freedom.

What SOS Does for Families at Risk


SOS provides education and information that adoption agencies and other legal professionals may not explain to you. We will provide detailed facts, explaining possible risks, allowing you to make a truly informed choice.


If you love your baby, but just can’t seem to find a way to overcome the challenges you are facing and feel that relinquishing your baby is your only option, SOS will do everything we can to help. We will listen to you and identify realistic solutions to eliminate those challenges, allowing you to focus on successfully parenting your baby without undue pressure.


With Sisters on the Ground in nearly every state, SOS provides experienced one on one support that focuses on the best interest of the family unit that every family member deserves, especially, the unborn baby who will be born wanting and needing only his or her mother.

Real Success Stories

<img src=”https://i1.wp.com/savingoursistersadoption.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/Libby-and-her-boys-2017-e1527429231173.jpg?fit=300%2C206&ssl=1&#8243; width=”300″ height=”206″ alt=”Image”/>

Libby – NY, 2012

“I got pregnant with my third son after being in a relationship for only 3 months. The relationship ended and he walked away knowing that I was pregnant. I was scared and thought I couldn’t take care of another baby as a single mom with two other small children by myself. I called some adoption agencies and they jumped on me like a tiger all over a baby gazelle. I was also in the middle of going back to school to get my degree in social work and struggling to pay my bills as it was. The adoption agency agreed with me and told me somebody who had more money and two parents would be better off raising my child then I would. I was so depressed and I believe them. Before having my son I reached out to SOS and spoke with Lisa and Renee. They told me their stories and it got me thinking. I ended up deciding to keep my son and it was the best decision I’ve ever made! My son needed ME not

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<img src=”https://i1.wp.com/savingoursistersadoption.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/Raynees-boys-300×206.jpg?fit=300%2C206&ssl=1&#8243; width=”300″ height=”206″ alt=”Image”/>

Raynee – OK, 2017

“I fell in love with my son’s potential adoptive parents.  They were amazing people.  WE shared the same values and planned on being very close.  It was seemingly “everything” I wanted.  I was a single mom with 2 other boys and their father and I have a toxic relationship.  I survived 7 days without my son.  I got to see him 13 hours in those 7 days.  I was miserable every second without him.  I couldn’t function. I was being a terrible mother to my older boys who were grieving too.  My children’s father spoke up the evening of day 7 saying he wasn’t going to sign the consent.  I contacted Saving Our Sisters. They helped me gain the confidence and knowledge of the process to get my son back.  I was so afraid to hurt the potential adoptive parents. I knew it was going to devastate them. SOS took the time to help me through the process.  We had to contact several different people to revoke my consent.

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<img src=”https://i0.wp.com/savingoursistersadoption.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/Becky-n-kids-300×206-1.png?fit=300%2C206&ssl=1&#8243; width=”300″ height=”206″ alt=”Image”/>

Becky – IN, 2016

“Thanksgiving will always be a hard holiday for me. On November 24th, 2016 I went into labor two months early with my sweet baby boy. Some of my family and friends didn’t know I was going to choose adoption because I was heartbroken over my situation, scared to be a single mom again. I thought it was going to be best for my son. I was being smothered by the prospective adoptive parents and just wanted to forget everything. I was sad, depressed and my son was in the NICU and I was choosing adoption. I felt pressured and alone even though family and friends were there. What I lived for 12 days after signing the consent was hell for me. I would never want to live that pain again nor have another mother live with that pain. So glad my son is here with me and neither I nor my daughter are foced to live without him. I’ve now joined SOS to advocate for preventing unnecessary adoptions. If you know

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<img src=”https://i0.wp.com/savingoursistersadoption.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/McKayla-Kylie-300×206.jpg?fit=300%2C206&ssl=1&#8243; width=”300″ height=”206″ alt=”Image”/>

McKayla – TN, 2015

I was 18 when I found out that I was pregnant. I had so many things to look forward to – prom, graduation and college. I was so shocked when I saw two pink lines on the test. At first everything was good. My family was excited, but then came some major changes. My Dad, whom I was living with needed to relocate to Texas for his job.  I moved in with my grandparents who were struggling. My boyfriend had told his mom who took it really hard and decided to figure out a way to ‘make the problem go away’. She started to talk to him and he tried to talk to me about adoption, but that was not an option for me – I wanted my baby! A few months passed and I had started college and was having some medical issues with my pregnancy and couldn’t work. I was trying to save all the money I could for the baby but it wasn’t enough. I was extremely depressed and wanted the best for my child and started to think that adoption may be best.


There’s a little girl in me

There’s a little girl in me

Who loves her Mama

She been real quiet for a long time

But her love, still grew, as she grew

There’s a little girl in me

Who missed her Mama

She held in the pain a long time

Yet, her love still grew.

Beyond what she could comprehend

There’s a little girl in me

Who is love, cuz she was made from love.

She’s grown up.

Loving her Mama

And now?

She’s telling the world because this little girl still lives

Within me

A card to understand by

This card shows a beetle that’s got 5 flowers or cups. She looks back and her faded flowers. And mourns her looses. As we can see three withered flowers behind her and two fresh blooms in front. This cards speaks of loss and also helps redirect the viewers mentally back to the mind set of abundance. Flowers wither. This is true. But more bloom. If we spend much time in sorrow we midis opportunities. I’ve learned this the hard way so I can help folks navigate life’s ups and downs. God has walked with me and I report my true feelings and show how I got beyond them.

I lead my Mama and whoever reads here out of their darkness and into the light of truth, grounded in love. Now there is a scripture that comes to my mind when I see this card and that’s why I am teaching the tarot. If used properly if is a great tool. But one must be seeking higher knowledge and the highest good. I want to ground this tool into the scriptures as I am sure Doreen Virtue is learning as I type. So cool. She’s learning about Jesus after learning tarot. I’m teaching tarot after learning about Jesus. Cool.

Below is the scripture that this read is steeped in. And it guides us to Morin our losses or we drag them with us and miss opportunities. Forgiving ourselves first so we can know forgiveness and give it freely. Is key. Yes. And sadly to say Ive been to many churches and been fed dirt. And I’ve been to a many a church looking for teaching to help me follow the guide book in love. I only found one. josh rob Morgans Church in Hendersonville TN is it. And that man can teach. He grounded me into the word and expanded my mind. I don’t know about anyone else in that church?

He spoon fed me before my trial in this desert I come out of now where god taught me many things.

Luke 9:62

Verse (Click for Chapter)

New International Version

Jesus replied, “No one who puts a hand to the plow and looks back is fit for service in the kingdom of God.”

What she cards show me is that we must mourn our losses like David, truthfully say I hurt and do self care and surround yourself with caring people who get you, shed them, leave it in the past as an emotionally anchor and set sail to the two blessings god’s sending.

I’ve watched my Mama not get support about us. It’s made me sad and I am sure god sad too. Who loves us all. To see us like this must make God upset. Love is the mark, so what is going on?

See the card? It’s night and there are stars in the sky. So no storms. And yet it says to a dark night if the soul kind of thing. 5 is symbolic of grace in the scriptures/codes. So it’s shows grace is here I. This dark space where one bleeds and mourns losses in processed and accepted. Acceptance is the final phase of grief. My Mama and I now accept what was and what we went through. And I validate her own pain which I don’t think anyone has? Maybe Chelsie Lynn? I’ve not gotten her report yet? Thank you Chelsie. For obeying God.

The sun and the stars in the two new flowers shows me that the sky’s the limit going forward. All one needs to do is turn a head and step into the new.

I feel the church has forgotten how much God loves games and playing boo pee and I said as a child. I always said things weird and I believe it is because I am a poet. Poets come to change the mind.

And I’ve loaded a lot of scripture in me. And I walk my faith like God tells me to. Even when it means saying stuff that Even Mama don’t like, bit she needs. Being a preacher like he is like being Moses with Mama.

But know she’s not pharaoh. She’s Moses Mama. Who needs to see why she sent that bay off? That’s her child would be great in god’s kingdom? And would come home to fight for her honor too! She obeyed back then. Now she got to obey again and she didn’t see that cuz God was gonna yeast that faith of her to the hilt one day. This day. And she will pass this test. And God would send me back to push all her buttons so she would wake up. This day has come. And prophesy that adoptees all over wills see this day. As I carve our way home here with my own Mama. God is a respecter of all person. But his way are higher than ours. If you want the big picture and to see the top of your tapestry, you must trust and obey to get a ride in God’s helicopter so you can view what god’s done with your seeds and to watch them bloom.

I hope this reading has changed your mind a bit about tarot. And about like and scripture. All is god and god is all and we all need to learn why.

God’s calling us all out of rest mindsets to teach us more and help us grow up in the knowing that God is all and all is God.

God bless you today. Watch for god’s blessing. For god has give us power love and a sound mind when we have faith and not fear. Xo

This is a tarot card.

My Mama has expressed very strong feeling towards my new practices. And it has lead me to believe, by her words and actions that she’s quite conflicted. I drew this card and saw she and I as the people twined together with swords. So true. And she and I seem to be at war. And yet swords in the tarot is symbolic of mental process and belief systems. Mental issues or manifestation. Manifestation is a mental process first before what you have dreamed of comes into physical form. We must have faith in our dreams and that they are attainable.

I’m not sure Mama Realized that God wanted to give her some back that she gave away? And it seems strange to me a Christian who’s known this truth for years, to see her own Mama waver in her storm about me, with God? It’s not good to tell God no. And my Mama seems to be so hell bent to disobey? Like wow! And she got the whole family doing it? I’m so shocked? Family are to come together. What’s the proverb about the woman who tears her own house down? Yeah. That.

I mean my Mama a strong woman. Yet cold as fish right now. Filled with word and no time to practice with her own preacher daughter? Seems odd? So strange? I work for god each day. I ride to great my lord and lady. For god is both as we can clearly see all these images of woman and men in his image also? Like I wonder sometimes about folks? And the code? The Bible? Like it was written in love for god is love. Does it also not say that? And yet. We pour over it and preach such fear based and demonstrative sermons with our tongues and cut at our own flesh doing so? Like. Ok. Hell fire and brimstone a good for us if you want to eat it? But why are we sacrificing ourselves?

Did not Christ try to get our attention? He died on a crops for our missed marks. For speaking truth! Christ is within me. And my own Mama couldn’t even attend my crucification if my flesh? She had to watch and read about it here. So sad. I crucified myself Mama. Hello. To show you how. Your egos got ya honey bun. You’ve been acting like a wild cat and I have been your mirror. Jumping here and there for god who’s was talking to ya through your own flesh and blood! Lol. God’s so funny when you realize he loves you so much he did do that for you my darling one.

Take a moment. Breath. And just let this sink in. The ultimate surgeon came to your door and use me to set that mind free to love the part of you that’s in me. Just pray Mama. Get into your heart space. Let that mind go. Give it to god. Obey. Like me. And you’ll be free. Call me. It’s the final step to freedom. Let’s all step into the promised land. All of us can have what I attain now with my own Mama. Your arch and see if the glory is not fallen as I type. God’s In The house. Let God lead. I am a messenger. Don’t kill the Messneger because you struggle to understand the message. God is loving you when he prunes us. Despise not the corrections of the Lord. For whom the Lord loves, he corrects. You are loved and zoos has corrected your course. We are right on time. Act and let god’s glory fall again on this family. Let us see the glory we read if today. Faith. Hope. And love is the greatest if these.

Who. Tell me. Doesn’t love a story?

And who doesn’t love their birth story? I tell my kids there birth story and how they came to be so much it drives them crazy. And it should? I’ve never heard mine. And it makes me want them to have there’s branded into them. Because I know what not having it does to you. I’ve longed to know mine. Good, bad, all of it in its glory. Because mine.

What is a name without its story? What is a book that has lost some of its pages and chapters? Good god? A mess! And incomplete. My Mama has no idea what closure means. She told me she was over it. Well think again Mama? Think again sweet lady I came from. Stop the train and go within and take another look. Please. Cuz I’ve got content from 2014 that shows different and I hate to be the one truly I do to break it to ya. Your not. And I am.

You’ve been looking into a mirror with me. And you saw you and my daddy girl. And you’ve been arguing with yourself honey. Cuz that’s how it is here for us all. Everyone is a mirror. Some mirror the good and some mirror the bad. And it’s all learning. Because the body your living in is a temple. And a vehicle that the spirit that is Linda Marie rides in. And God showing this to you now through your own child. Can you see that yet? How long? Until you see yourself in me and call her blessed? How long?

You have studied enough. Your cup runs over girl and it’s wasting away on your dining room floor. You have a truth that must be spoken. For I am telling you this. Your truth needs to be spoken and get the hell over yourself already. Yes. I am being very firm and straightforward. You will thank me later. Call me. Let’s begin again. And I will lead us better. Ok? I’ve learned a better way by following God and doing what God tells me. I know what obedience is Mama. But? Well? You tell me? Is this blocking feeling good? Is there peace in it? And if not? Maybe go the other way and see if it might get a little better? Towards me? Call me. It’s time. You’ve drug around long enough. It’s time.

God has called us higher. You Virgo are with Capricorn on a mountain and you didn’t even realize it. Lol. I love god. So good to help us get over our fears and throw us into the street like a loving father to show us off. We need to hold our heads up high Mama. We have done as good as we could. It’s our job to teach the world now how to do better but we had had better we would have done better. Get that into your head. No turning back now. I’ve burned our pasts emotions to the ground. We will never forget. We are not supposed to forget a lesson.

Obey the Lord now. It’s a warning. The car wreck was a warning. And your off course with me. Get back on course and give your heart and life back to God. Let Jesus take the wheel Mama with me. And obey. Remember? Obedience before sacrifice? Obey now. Call me. Let go.