I stood at the door and I knocked. But was to turned away when I showed you my ughly.

I stood at the door and knocked. Much like Jesus did. I stood outside for as long as I could, with my heart in my hand.
But even as Jesus was not understood by those who’s minds were not put in check. Those who’s hearts were cold to the truth.
I know to whom he came here for. It was Me

You threw me away
That’s just how it felt
Did you think I was stupid
Growing there in the dark?

I heard every word
And every cry
I knew you didn’t want me
And I don’t know why

It’s all clear to me now
I was just your mistake
But I now know better
And I won’t be a fake.

You got what you wanted
And I guess that all you need
Is to shut up the vessel
That grew from that deed

I am a creation of God
And I stand for the truth
I wish to bring release
From the story long told

For the truth is not there
Tucked deep in your mind
It lies in your body and soul
And each 8 th it reminds

This is not a pissing match
Between you and me
It is only a mirror you see
You look in the glass
And there you are
Only its me

But not really
For who you see is glossed over
With your own feeble veiw
Laced with your guilt and fume

I’ve been trying to tell you
That you are looking at it down there
But you cling to your truth
And beat a big gong

You gong me away
For you love your own story
And do not desire the whole truth

I thought you were stronger
My desire so strong
I don’t want to go on with us like this
But you leave me no choice.

I tried to explain the story of mine
It sucks yes I know
I thought you could tell me your truth
But you just really can’t see

My siblings don’t care for me now
They hover over like vultures
Only grateful it’s not them
And all they do is cling to this lie

Another sister
There is no room
For I was a mistake
I was a nuisance
Evidently I still am.