About psychecafe

I am an adopted, artist, Mother, a soul, a human, singer, writer, activist, minister and deprogrammer and reprogrammer of minds. And I am here because we need to change how you see it, a lot of things that is. For us Adoptees who have lived in the dark. We were cut off from our families. And that is sad people.

Removed and still attached.


Not every Mama rejects again.

I am grateful for Quirky Aquarian for her moxy and willingness to stand up to show her side of the triad. She’s a true warrior for our cause.

Adoptees need to see Mamas who have relinquished call it like it is if we truly wish to change the future.

When my Mama is free from her own brainwashing. She will be a powerhouse for change. And I am placing my faith in that fact.

It’s take a Mama to poke a Mama awake. Thank you Quirky Aquarian for transparency.

Greta Thunberg(our future)

Our future depends on change. We must face our past decisions and their affects to affect change on this planet.

Adoption has affected all of us. It’s torn at the Genetic fibers within us all. As child after child has been systemically torn from the families they were sent too.

This system is flawed dues to the willful ignorance of those in power over our lives. And change is our only way. Change is our only hope for a brighter future for future generations.

My children deserved better. And better. Is what they will get. If I must die in the process. I will see them through. I will stand up and speak what I know to be true in my own life. If not only to show them the way. To change is to stand up and scream as loudly as I can.


I speak of a climate within us that has created the climate around us. My children have suffered due to their Mama having been cut off from her roots. I can not change my future. But I can use it to change theirs.

I ask other Adoptees to join me. To stand y’all for we can do this. We have suffered a loss. Loss of Mother. Loss of identity. Loss of flow and ebb in a world gone mad. Driven by a machine of shame that’s drove us from our homes of origin. To hide us from view and yet left us in plain sight.

Now is our time to speak. My blog is a light house to shine and show the world the way is not to stay the same, the light. Calls ya to change.

And I’ve called on my own Mama to stand with me. For Adoption is Heinous. It’s is a destroyer of heritage that has ripped at our core. It’s time to stand up and speak what we know without apology. For the only apology needed.

Is change.

This bee is busy.

Doing what? Getting her Mama back in her track!

  • Buzzing truths. Taking no prisoners. Yet setting her free.
  • Don’t ever doubt me. I’ll get knocked down. But watch out when I get up. Every hater will have a black eye if they stand in my way.
  • Don’t ever tell me or try to tell my Mama I don’t respect her. Don’t. You have no idea. But you bought to see.
  • I’ll draw you all out and make you think I’m down. Then. I’ll show you who’s I am. Don’t worry about me. Worry about the one I serve. God. Who’s been clocking all of it. And gave me all y’all a numbers. All!
  • I was born for this. Can’t back me down. I’ll just come back harder. My Mama is precious. Do shit up now. And watch the glory of the lord heal this! I serve a mighty God. Who reins over everything. And would never leave her down. Ever.
  • Silence!! And see that the glory of the lord has come with healing in her wings. Wings torn off and that grew agin due to God. To god be the glory!!
  • This is a lot of what’s happening with my Dna

    Which. Is having an affect on my family as a whole.

    I feel my Mama is learning a lot about herself through my process. Which is good. The price of her that lives in me has reached back at her and reconnected which has forced the poison up and out.

    Which? Leaves so much room for new fresh Manna to come into her soul. Which is causing a profound healing in her. And will result in healing. For us all. If one Mama gets healed?

    Them all Mamas get healing. That’s. What the church has not seen that I bring to my Mamas table. Where she seeks the divine. Her prayers have been mastered through her own flesh. Which is. A miracle. Xoxo.

    Her miracle labeled a mistake came home to set this all right. For us all. Sisters. Brothers. Cousins. In all directions of time.

    Mamas crazy eight ball has knocked her back online!! Just watch. And see. As she springs back with a new step and a new joy. As she sees. How loved she is. That god. Would use a piece of her own flesh and soul to set her foundations back online.


    Love you Mama true. Xox.

    Never. Ever. Underestimate god again Mama. Never again will you doubt whether God saw and sees you.

    This eagles flown back to her Mamas best and done the fly by. Delivering the heaving you cried for. Xox

    Just like a merchant ship. I’ve brought the spices Mama. From a far. Xoxo

    You are loved. Precious.