Jocktan Kabeyi In Budoma Kenya

One thing I’m doing beside talk to y’all and keep communication lines open while your are all silent.

I mean I’m making it so easy for the family and they gonna make me have to catch up with all of them. Talk about a gang bang? that’s some kind of crazy. Talk about so lazy.

But bring it. Watch me take it. Turn that faucet I’m wide open. Looking like a funnel. And helping humanity.

Would be nice to have some support beside Angela. Thanks girl. Here. Check his page out. We are working on plans to plant and trying to figure out water sources that are sustainable. Phylis?


This man is feeding widows and orphans. They educate them. And he’s ready to learn way to teach sustainable living. It’s a great movement for Africa. I’d like to see some happy pics of African kids and their parents smiling too. I’d like clean water. Help so they can implement many changes.

I hate seeing him beg in the world wide streets. Knowledge is power.

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