While I grew in my Mamas womb.

This. Ahead of schedule but not yet born.

My turn now. But. We ain’t painting fingers. We all gotta clean this up. The world. Reflects our hearts as we squander gods resources.

It’s time we wake up. Stop waving those free will tickets in my face while we can put them together so everyone’s let into heaven.

It’s time to wake up. And grow up instead of laying down. With god within each of us we owe it to each other to get this right now. Gods calling on the woman to stand up and do what we do best. Rule and reign. Goodbye to greed. Who needs it if everyone’s fed and can read?

Churches. Don’t make this country great. People do. God within us all united does. Religions all made up by men. Pay attention to all the text because gods talking in everything if your heart is open you know the voice is within.

The world a reflection of our collective choices. Shall we keep doing the same? Corona says no.

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