Transplants. Adoption. #adoptiontruth

This picture says a thousand words to describe how it feels. Droopy. Withered. Shriveled. Limp is the gift turned away.

There’s just so much the body does while making a child. Connections that when separated cause destroys to the child and Mother. But. Therapists. Don’t see that. They stab into our darkness trying to find a light switch. Labels. Labels. Labels.

They miss the root cause. Every time. And this needs to change for all issue stem from Mamas connection to you. My sisters show what I would be like today. Had I stayed. Or? Is something missing? We came say this way or that way and just slap everyone in a pile like dead Jews after holocaust. Damage so deep. Just like like anxiety or ocd or anger issues. No words. To describe.

Until Linda’s girl stepped up to the plate and had a few wacks at it. Kind of like? Writing rules on a stone tablet I’d say. Thousand shall not kill what god has made. Is a relationship something you can kill? Yes. It is alive to those who keep it alive. The world has told me to kill my connection with my own Mama and I say to that. No way. She is still my life line. Go to hell satan! Give me my Mama Back!!

Satan! Bite the dust! Or adoption. Which ever. All the same to me. I love my Mamas. But what a hell of a way to save a life and kill a families soul.

How do you kill a devil if not with a she devil ? I’m not a Capricorn for no reason. 😈😈😈🧨🌪

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