Myths I believed. Key word. Believed.

I believed when I had children that I would finally have a genetic tribe that gets me.

I was so wrong. My children don’t get me?

I mean wow. Do they even like me? Maybe.

I know that liked what I did for them most days when I was giving and giving and giving.

But. That myth is busted. I’m over it.

Guess Mamas right. I’m just a donor.

The question is do I get a receipt? Or anything for the job I did tasing those children? Ha ha. I’m so funny.

Well. My jobs pretty much done. And they all have lives. One shares hers with me. The other two well? One kind of shares he’s a Virgo so cage man for sure. He doesn’t get me.

And the last one. She’s doesn’t get me at all.

But hey. That’s not my shit is it. I’ve been open. They have seen what I had to work with. Hopefully. Or not? They will have to put it together for themselves.

As I see right now. There’s no tea party. I can write till I am as blue as Angela when she was born. No ones listening. So. That’s that.

I’ve told my truth. Got that heavy weight of pain off my chest. Mama blocked me just like before so. There ya go guys.

People like my pages. Not ones come to help me.

So. Don’t call me later please to work your hair out with me I won’t be able to. This has been horrific. I’m tired. Stressed. I can’t eat right. And I’m done giving to folks that disrespect my call for help and Ignore me.

Don’t call me tomorrow. Cuz I’m done. It’s time for me. Y’all don’t want to move on and get along. That’s on y’all. Cuz I stepped up. Articulated what I could. I told y’all I’ve got language issues. But y’all just don’t give a shit.

So now the mirror will reflect your lack of actions with my lack of actions. I’ll pray for y’all. Good luck. Good night. Good bye. ❤️

No hard feelings. It’s all good. I forgive you. But. If Mama can’t forget and holds such a grudge. Well ok. Your gonna get what you want. Not me.

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