Yes. Ya think?

I am angry now. Is that what you’re wants Mama? Chelsie? Victoria? Y’all make fun of me.

If I went to the doctor. And got a label. Would it be funny then? Hmm? Would it? Is it so funny you all make fun of me? Block me off? Is it funny?

Is it funny?

All I’ve got to say is this. Your lucky I serve Christ. Cuz my flesh? Well. We won’t go there now will we. Ask Chelsie.

I am ashamed of all of you now that I see how you all really are. Who’s the dumb one now? I played you like a fiddle and you all danced for me. This blog is my proof.

You haven’t called me. Written. Guess I knew when Chelsie came to see me with a posey she was just poking Mama Bear. But I’d didn’t bit now did I? And she went back and cried to my own Mama. Ha!

My record is public. Yours? Is not at all.

Makes me sick to my stomach I held a candle for Any of you? look at this? I’m just calling it out. And our Mama? Tucked and ducked and hide. Fact.

How chicken shit is that? I drove all that way to be treated like shit by my own family. Including Chelsie Lynn Gayheart. Wow. Damn right I am upset.

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