Mama. You are being absolutely ridiculous right now.

Seriously. It’s in your hands silly? I gave it to you? Is this what you really want?

If not? Then doooooo something else? Different? Rebel against your now false nature. Turn around? How hard is that?

Yes. We facing it. Together. Even though we are apart. Stop. Being silly and stuck. Cuz I am stuck here with you of my own reasoning and conscience.

I do not return evil for evil. I am showing you the evil each day that I rise and forgive and mourn over our loss. Each day. We loose. I mount each morning we are disconnected.

Stop disassociating with me. There is no more need for that. I’m home even if I’m not home. Duh. But I am angry you were lead so astray Mama. And it’s me leading us back to center. Yeah. Me and god. Working that Ego over that’s been protecting you until I was ready. Like god had to ready me for this? Look at us. God knew it’s warm gonna be easy to break this now bad habit of denial of our truth.

You love me you silly woman. Stop crying over all this spilled milk your making me cry!! Darn it. We are connected. Your dragging me through your mud and I am yelling at you to stop!!

And yes I am yelling!! And bossy. How else do you stop your own Mama from commuting relationship suicide? I may be crazy and very drastic. But this is drastic and the girls act like it’s Sunday brunch and business as usual when you and I are at stake. Like that’s so messed up and they must see the error of this way. And come my way.

They will get over it once all is settled. They will have no choice which is karma for me not having choice. The pendulum swings both ways and they must taste. They must share. Or we all loose in gods eyes. Are we a bunch of losers? No. We are not. And so. Again. We adapt to this new change I have initiated. It’s my right that I have saved up for this time. My rights that were taken. Restored. And you. Will sign this contact won’t you? You owe me that.

And. Your ego. Is scared. It’s a trick. No. I am no trick. I am a treat. A gift. So strong. And filled with love. I’ve been purging your shit on here. I love you silly woman. That’s what an empath does for her Mama. She’s takes it back. Cleans it up. Polished it. Restores it. Like god. Better then before. Stronger. More aware.

You don’t want to be dumb do you? No you don’t. Well learning takes strength and a willingness to look foolish while you learn something new. do I look foolish? Hell yes I look foolish! Do I care. Yes and no. If I must be a fool for you. I’d rather do that then me no fool at all. My goodness your dry.

How much of the sweet talk do you want to read? Or would ya like some hugs and loves and laughs? Hmm? Maybe some

Home cooked food by me? We haven’t done that yet? Me spoil you? And of course the girls are a little jealous. It they will adjusts. Just like i did. We will all be fine. Trust God Mama? Where is God and faith right now Mama I am concerned for you? Reading and reading and unable to act on it?

Whats got you so hung up? I forgive you each day. Then I get upset cus you haven’t written or called me? Then I forgive us both again? I forgive Chelsie too and all y’all. I get upset because there’s no movement. We must act on faith or it’s dead. Is your faith dead Mama? Please tell me it’s not true?

And let me say this to the family.

Shut the fuck up. And let a mama hear her heart you dumb asses. And get my name out of your mouth if it’s not positive. I can feel that shit. Don’t even try to tell me you ain’t. Just don’t. Pray for a Mama. She needs to hell you jackasses. yes. I went there. I’ll write it your faces since I’ve been cut off. And you all did nothing. Cuz your nothing. And I did it all. Cuz I am all. You have underestimated what Mama made back in the day. Sadly. Underestimated me and her.

And. You all suck right now as siblings. Js.

Chelsie. You’ve got a pass. You’ve been misinformed. Mamas trying to clear that up remotely and without proper intel. Thank god for gods intel. Telling on my family to me. Wow.

You all need to get right with god. I’ll say that. Cuz this is hell for Mama and y’all just blow it off? Wow. What a bunch of low life’s Mama chose to keep?

I apologize Mama for my sisters. They kno not what they don’t do for you. But I see it. And I am doing it. Gonna show them how to be. They’ve clearly missed me. What a mess.

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