How it feel to be visible.

Mama may have gotten rid of the child. But she’s been on blast for years. Does she think the people who watched me grow up didn’t know who’s I was? Who I came from? Yes. They knew.

But I carved out my own name thank god despite who I came from. Does anyone even know what people really think about the bio Moms? I do. I’ve heard it.

And now. I found you. And everyone knows who you are now. Same old same old Linda. Late for work.

Here Chelsie. Run baby. Maybe you should change your name? I can still find you. But I didn’t leave now did I? No. You did and at some point you will have to put on those big girls pants and face me. Even if it’s at my funeral. Seriously. I never saw you acting so shallow and childish? Guess I had all y’all wrong.

You think I’ll just be around don’t you all? Well. Good luck with that I am so hot now? You might write a letter I can burn instead of showing your faces I can slap.

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