You can hate me. But I love this

About my daughter Chelsie. She dry humps people she loves. I love that about her. Cuz she just breaks up the energy by doing silly things like this to make me laugh.

Now. My Mama did not think this behavior was funny and I know why. Because she’s got issues with anyone expressing themselves in a silly sexual manor to make her laugh. But not me. I love that kind of mojo energy manipulation. My daughter. Is amazing. Crazy. Funny. A silly heart and I love her for that.

My Mama wishes she had a daughter as amazing as Chelsie. Cuz she gave Chelsie Mama away and now? She’s loves what I made. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Don’t change Chelsie. You make this world so much fun. And I don’t know what my family said to you about me but they are crazy your amazing.

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