Sleep at night. Yeah. I do

But I go to bed late so. It’s a misnomer.

Does anyone uphold family anymore?

Must the orphan address this congregation of ungrateful fools?

Well I guess so.

Y’all be quitters.

Y’all be wimps

Y’all be rude.

I wasn’t rude.

It the. I just started doing you like y’all been doing me except I told my truth in this light. Yeah.

You all be talking smack behind my back like lazy fools that where kept. Kept.

Does that hurt your feel goods?

Poor babies. Well? Go home to your own Mama.

And thank god you’ve got just one.

And then maybe pray for me and my two.

Cuz if this little Mama ain’t got peace then nobodies gonna have peace until we make the damn peace. No cake just makes itself. This mess is not all mine.

You all are not working here with a dumb ass or is that what you all think about Mama? Crazy? Over bearing. Blow hard. Really? Bitch. Victoria loves that one. Says it often. To often dear it’s showing. Cunt? Nice one. Do you kiss our Mama with those lips girl? Oh? That’s to bad she must love you to take shoe covered lip kisses. Bullshit.

That’s the thing about being adopted. You do know your family. Chelsie most likely can verify all my hits and tell me this battleships game is won. She knows. She’s sees. And I don’t want her to lie. No no no. They must be honest hits. Do I have my family sized up? And is Chelsie down or up, but away from us all? Ohhhh! Did she ask that question? Is Chelsie just fed up with us all I ask?

I wonder. Is she just entertaining the madmen? Playing along? Because I certainly pray she’s not that gullible to believe a woman who’s lied about me for years? someone that’s stood in my way for years and was not even seen. And now. She tells me my daddy’s in the way well hello Linda to the party.

Why would Linda let Huey get between us? Good question will we get an answer form Mother goose? probably not. She won’t show up. That’s what I say. And she doesn’t care what I think or feel cuz she’s dead obviously and has been cloned. Cuz the Mama I remember? Was way more like me.

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