I do get a say in who you think I am.

But it’s all on you what you believe of me. And it’s all on me what I choose to believe about you.

So. Who between us? What’s the girl code? Hoes before bro’s. Is my dad in between me and Mama? How did he get there? Mama

Put him there thinking I am

Him that’s how he got there. Protections for a gift. Laughable really. But Mama is not laughing. I’m working on it. These things when left into a state system take time for the supposed recipients of said system must do the work the savor complex adoption did not even have the capacity to do which is get my Daddy out of the way.

Girl code style. We stick together girls. No more of this competions. Or y’all gonna be me and I’m gonna be Chelsie Lynn. If you read me loud and clear. I can disappear. Ideal threat? Try me bro get stomped to the flo. Raised in the what? Yeah. Chelsie knows what I’m saying don’t you?

I’m over done. Now.

There’s one of me and y’all can’t even handle that. What in cousin fucking Tarnation Alabama Betty Crocker miss Betty white shit is this? Holy shit. That’s for sure. I wonder myself. Tiktok.

That’s how I feel me and my family look right now. Bags and bags of bags on a car driving through town and Mama at the wheel and me hanging on for dear life screaming stop!! Please let me inside the vehicle and Mama telling me yo be quiet and stop making everyone embarrassed. While she’s playing gospel music full blast and rebuking the devils while the whole world sees our parade. It’s insane.

As far as I can tell. Y’all don’t even have a clue who you all are let alone me. Let sister help for gods sakes. Everyone knows Mama drives to fast. Jesus can’t even get the wheel. Jesus ain’t even in the car.

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