Being adopted be like… my attempts to console myself

Cuz watching my family dynamics is such a bore. This program sucks.

Yeah. I’m gonna just slap shit together and smear words all over it. How does it feel? No? You don’t like it but made me eat it? This video makes me happy. Some children get it right. Some just don’t.

Guess I should have been a man 🤣😩♻️♻️♻️

Next time. Or maybe? I won’t even need to come back again this program suck around here killing my brothers names Jesus and anyone else some dumb ass doesn’t have time to understand.

This time baby. I’m using my free will in a way no one can stop me. Just finishing up my new costumes. People seem to like a real funny character that’s bullet proof. Right Trump?

Here’s my anthem. Well. One of them there are so many to choose from. Oh. Oh? Am I not making sense? Oh. Oh. To bad you made this mess. Ha ha. Jokes on you. Drink up drink up move down move down. No time to be serious just be a clown. Pastries clown. Cathys clown. Just done frown. Grow the fuck up and be old as fuck. Just get your ducks. Who don’t give their fucks. Line them up and then talk all crazy.

Programming. Instagramming. Facebooking me in prions cells phone deals WiFi. Opoooops. I did it again.

Here’s a fun one. Love this clip. Looks like how my family sees me. Ha ha ha. Ho Ho Ho. Just to funny. Want some more? No no no. They don’t like it. Change. Change change change it. Rearrange it. Don’t do that. That’s not nice. Tell the truth. No not that one.

Tip stop stop. No no no. Go go go. Upside down. No right side up. Which way? Who knows. Hell knows.

Back and forth. No forth and back. Stomp around. Sound real loud. Not to loud. Make some sense. Don’t make sense. Now pay the rent. Get out. Get up down. All around. Who you? Who me? Tee her her. Tea? Parties who can invite.

Don’t take my precious she’s mine. She’s not a ring. All she is is my Mom. Please excuse me for being upset cuz you took my Mama and left me for dead.

Act uptight. Don’t eat the shrooms. Go to your room now get out. Climb a tree. Take a pee. Pee tree. Jump up. No don’t. Which way?

Can’t stop me now. I’m

Artist. I can write what I want on my wall. I bought it. Pop poo poo. Shame on you took my mom and now she’s all gone. Lost her head she’s not dead. But where the hell did she go? So inclined. Do divine. Full of shit. Take a tip. Don’t give you baby to a stranger cuz they will come back and be stranger then if you had kept her.

Hoop! Whoop! Hip hop hop. Stop drop. Roll a blunt. Smoke a bowl. Please please please patch up this hole.

What do I want. What are my demands. You took my rights. Now I speak on a blog about my moms. give me back what is mine. And maybe. Just maybe. I’ll play nice. Or just ignore me cus that’s so fun. And watch me tell the tales of children undone.

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