The hang time of the truth.

No one really can gauge the hang time of the truth. One minute it’s dead silence, the next minute it’s silence is dead. Either way. Once the truth hits their no going back to before the truth. It’s just about more levels of truth revealed.

It’s then, when the dominos of perceptions that just kind of falls down. I’ve been telling the truth awhile. Mama lied. I told the truth. She loves me losers. And. I told y’all. But no one listened to me did they? Nope. They knew better what to do with me. Ha ha. How did that work out? Yeah. Not so good. For them.

But back to the truth. So cryptic. Where do I get that? Or was it me? Who knows? Linguisa? Anyway. I tell the truth. Folks think I am crazy. Time passes. The truth is now visible by folks that where blind. And then. Ahhh. Haaah. Moments when it all just. Adds up.

And I wait. As usual for folks to get their math right. For folks to stop looking at me the messenger. It’s about the message not the messenger.

And then. It’s a cascade. And people be like Belinda said that. Yeah. I did. She says the strangest things and she listens to it. Why? Cuz she don’t got her Mama to pay attention to she’s tuned into the highest power here.

Does anyone here even know the quiet game? Yeah. Ha ha ha. What’s that? Right? Well. When quiet comes it ain’t no game. It’s means. A test. So. Remember that one folks.

I’ll say this. People don’t trust clean folks. Folks don’t know what to do with clean talking, and clean living people. But I earned trust being clean and now being dirty. Either way. It’s me.

Christianity is. Language. A code. Words strung in a line. Taught by the church not to even take out of contexts. Like those preachers even know gods ways. Says it right in the words they speak. Gods ways ain’t mama ways yet men be thinking they preach the word of god. Really?

In fact. We pay money. To god. But we write the preachers name on the check to make sure god knows who god is and where he lives while children get trafficked and families are split up and folks go hungry. I’m not sure Jesus charged anyone with building a temple, but Jesus did ask them to come with me. Did he go to a house and say this is the kingdoms of heaven? No. Pretty sure he did not. And yet that’s what we do with our ten percent. We give it to a preacher, so he cane keep the lights on while folks walk around hungry and tired and no place to sleep not even the fathers house is open anymore.

These are hard times for hard headed folks. Mine included. Bodies. Animals. Machines. Everyone’s got a blind spot. That’s why we have wing men. Side saddles and even side bitches. Needs of the body. But what’s real. Why are we hear? Can anyone even answer that question?

Sure. We all want our dreams to come true. Now. How can we work the rubrics cube called ya and make it so it’s a win win this time. recycled enough. It’s time to get this right. And we all need all sides and no more of this hoarding. If we don’t like nightmares then stop buying nightmare stories and recycling them. Duh. Cinderella story is dumb. The prince is a hoe. And Cinderella is way smarter then to run of a marry some royal hoe bag just so she can have a bigger house to keep clean. Hello. Goodbye.

Basic dreams. Food. Water. Air. These are rights here. And yet not everyone has what’s there’s by right and why? Hoarding? Again? When will we get it right. How long did it take the tribe of Israel? I am pretty sure we are the tribe of Israel now. We just don’t remember all the traditions cuz our relatives didn’t believe in Jesus so we, divided. And divided. And divided.

If we keep dividing? Well. Quantum physics says we go back to nothing. Meaning. Divide an atom up again and again and again and you end of with nothing. Is that what we are working for? Nothing? All this for nothing. And yet. Divided we fall and united we stand. What’s it gonna be?

Can we even agree on fundamentals? I don’t know? So much complaining these days. not much praying. If prayers bend she ear of God towards us then what’s complaining do?

Well? I know what it do. And I always have known what or do. But. I put down my white gown and drove into town and bought a red one. Just to see what my people would think. And they thought a lot. And said little. But actions actions actions. Oh. Oh. Oh. K.

Jesus said. We would become enemies. Why?

I know at I see. People become enemies cuz they don’t even know how to stay connected. Yep. I see it all the time. Takes time to get reacquainted doesn’t it? Yeah. Or does. Now. Me and Chelsie got to get reacquainted. Since now she knows I won’t stop loving her even if she does me like my own Mama does. Welcome to the club girl. That’s my Mama right there. Have fun with that. She’s a real peach. And if she doesn’t believe she’s a peach well she right. Why argue? I mean give the girl what she wants.


That’s ok. We got hang time. Truth time. When it hits. Then. And only then do folks really see who you are. A god damn patient saint looking like a demon from waiting so long. Quarantine hair? Infinitely. This soul of mines been coming back around and around and around.

Everyone just knows what they know. But does anyone listen? Well I do. Can you?

Can you play the quiet game for years and years. Hold a loss in so long it’s just business as usual until the Millennials come along and complain. They are right. This shits got to change and we can do it quickly. We just passed a test of speed. No excuses now bitches.

How do we do it? Or how do we not do it and see what’s left to do. If it all fell apart and the world as we know it’s gone tomorrow. What will we do.

I’ll say this. I’m thankful for this life. I’m thankful for my husbands, all three. I’m thankful for my children, 3 from me and many others with other mothers. Relationships are what’s making social media go. If the internet crashed? Word of mouth still has some weight. But will we even be able to deliver the message right? Or will someone’s free will Choice, just edit the story to be told and totally alter the equation?

Free will? What’s that? Guess I should have asked for a free will to use against others to get my way? Or not. Listen. Being adopted at birth was enough to change me right then and there and it did change me. It just took time to regain my own system, and to even articulate my dissatisfaction Of Adoptions practices.

The handling of children and their rights must be changed. We are seen and heard. Give us something worth taking about. Greta. A prime example and does she go to school? Well? Have we changed? So she can’t go to school yet. Cuz that’s her mark and y’all missed it. Everyday.

But Greta works. And folks make fun. Well. This adult knows that Greta is an adult. And I am so thankful for her.

I’ve seen enough.

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