FYI adoption- wimps needs not apply tweet tweet tweet.

Ouch. But true. It’s not our fault our families are not well informed? Adoption has no manual to turn too. So when you go home you got to face your own Mamas shock at her own truth she made and gave away. Ouch indeed.

More like trillions. But what’s a number? Really? Just a person who’s been cut off from family. The reason and list of reason just goes on and on and on u til we finally figure out that to do this to any child, we do this to ourselves.

My own Mama told me she loved me and then took her love back when I opened up so there. Tell me helps all around.

Did my own children even know I had a secret society of friends called family now that I posted my feelings to for lack of a place to speak freely? Nope. They don’t even really know what masonry is. Masonic secret societies. That’s a while nother can of worms but much like being adopted. Secrets secrets my Mamas made me hide for lack of a give a shit about me.

What I did share with my children, well let’s say they’ve heard enough so I blog about it. Nice.

Have you ever seen a crowd go ape shit?

This is why we thankful. Forced into slavery called something else. There is levels to this for sure.

This crowd gonna save us. We are thankful for each other and many still tucked a Away, safe to speak yet not in public yet.

And for me if we all aren’t safe then no ones safe.


Backing down ain’t an option cuz many still must hide cuz we ain’t safe yet til we all safe. And I am no slacker.

Levels of secrets leaking into my well. It’s time to drink in broad day light. Y’all wanted this so deal with us now. Years later and we all still crying inside cuz our inner child’s been denied and y’all think this is ok. Ok. Ok. Okay.

No. We not ok with it. And y’all just keep doing what y’all do to

Children. And this child. Is grown.

Parents boasting. More like hoping. Dashed in a blink. Of the eyes watching the world that’s doing it’s children like this and calling it love.

Of this was love I wouldn’t be blogging about this. My family would be united and not divided.

They can blame me for spilling the burnt beans but did they really want to have to eat this?

Why should the rest of us come out of hiding like gay folks? Cuz it’s time we own it. The world has done this for years to children and the world needs to fucking snap out of this weird story line that goes obviously no where cuz I came full circle and my own Mama shot me down.

I am grateful I am strong enough to keep taking the hits. Cuz this ain’t fun folks coming clean in a dirty dirty world.

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