Did you wanna fight? 不不不tiktok.

Guess Mama likes to fight? Well ok. I definitely do not want to disappoint Mama. 不不不

Shes likes it rough. 拎塔

Insert racial slur. Oh honey the slurs i was raised up on. If only. My children know. Such sweeties. So glad the cake a long to help me set miss Mama Jean thing on point with her racist programming from the 1930s.

She still slips up a little and I call that history folks. Im not judging the poor woman whos part indigenous and just went to the Osage nation with her cracker ass adopted children.

Back in the day. Slurs were just words strung together and smeared on each other and now? Folks want to clean it up a bit. Excuse me. My Mamas an Indian and shes only been living her white life.

I will say this. She was not impressed with the nations museums. Kind of like me with my nations, Linda. Looking at you.

We drove her all that way and she was just not impressed. oh well. Osage murders dont impress her much. She made it out alive and lived a full life without that blood money, and Lindas girl by her side like a white banshee high bred warrior on sugar. Hi! Ya!! Her little ninja. White privileged my asses.

I hope she likes my fighting technics. She asked to see my receipts and oh honey Ive got a few.

Lets watch it again shall we? I love it for affect.

They said the gun was mine? Oh please. My Own Mama gave me this fun gun mind of mine. I just wanna share? 拎 the common wealth of this orphaned child. Does that make you sad well cry me another river please sweetie and let two away. Just row away.

The world goes on. It one things for sure. Maybe I got mine but youll all get yours. Dont let me stand in your way.

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