I stand like a dragon

I stand like a beautiful dragon at the end of my Mamas dead end stories road. Flames coming out of my mouth. She’s forgotten. She’s a dragon too. Dragon around.

Listen Linda. Dragons Sheppard dragons. Dragons hate dead ended stories. They fight fire with fire and fuel fires of dragon hearted people. They can’t help it. It’s just how it is when after so long of lying literally low, some matchbox 23 can come in and sing the songs. Dragon breath.

Not this way Linda. Or that way. It’s my way. My

Highway. God helped me build. Take it or leave it. It’s been offered to you. But this stories at a dead end. I’ve clearly advised you what I see as options we can take. Those of the family that have regularly joined this sad meeting. Thank you. So grueling dealing with family. Your patience’s is rewarded infinitely. And so it is in all directions of time. Those who choose to not show up? Well well well. There ya go. Who’s who? Right there will tell you. Who showed up? Who didn’t? Family? Who?

Your in or your out. Look at it. If your out then get in if you like. No matter. Up to you. I don’t have to drive up and grovel for Mamas time while my sisters worked to upstage me? Like Some Helen Keller shit show? Mama looking all wide eyed. David just observing in his cool collected way. it’s was astonishing to watch them react. I really felt for them?

But David’s a great thermometer. Reads a room so well like a Zumba. Energy. He’s fascinating to observe. All of my children are fascinating to observe and watch them grow. But he was like ick mom. Can we go? 🤮🤪🙌🙌🙌🙌 no truer words spoken? Cold read of the room. ❤️🤣 he slays me. Accurate. Just set it forget it. 🤣 he’s been reading woman his whole life plus he got my cheat notes. 🤣🤣🤣🥰 he’s got eyes of his own. It’s was so classic. Icky.

But. We paid our respects to witness them act as they chose to act. We said hello. We drank coffee. I helped change the damn table cloth and all that. Loved it. Saw that Mama was pouring over her verses and needed a lot of focusing apparatus to see her way and read it clearly looking for something I do not know what? She seemed disturbed by my presence. As if Jesus took her by surprise visit in an unmarked vehicle? Times two. David does look like Jesus. So do all my kids if you let them. 🤣 he had long hair at one time. Little street rat. Love him so. He went to UCLA and said so what. Shania Twain that don’t impress me much. I like the library beat thank you for charging me so much to read all the books. Goodbye. Steve Jobs. I said. Go get um Tiger. You got this.

Same with Chelsie. I did a few fly bys. Ok girl you seem set in your intentions. Good luck. Mamas praying. Success and no less girl. I love you enough to get out of your way. Xox and yes. I’ll be watching you. So what? 🤣 you watch me? Fair is fair girl. All this time I could be watching you grow. Are you a mushroom? Show me. I’m so excited.

We ain’t going there cus that ain’t my story line no more. I stood up and breathed my fire breath. Dead end stories no more. And we all get to decide who we are to each other now. All new. Books burned. Fried the neural pathways. Gone. What’s next? Any ideas?

Of my words singed you. Then what’s been burned away was no longer needed and is falling away for new growth. because I know the power of words write and read. And I allow God to use me to help me and my family relations. So we may prosper. So our lives can reflect the highest intention. Unity. If we can do it anyone can.

The children wan unity. But not like everyone’s. Fearing. Be aware of the children like mycelium. They are showing us what matters now ahead of schedule. Greta. Jane Fonda is backing her. Woman. Autistic. Artistic. Stop drop and roll. Fire drill.

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