Oprah. Kenya needs help. First hand message from a man who runs an orphanage they need food Oprah.

I meet Jocktan a while ago. Jocktan Kabeyi runs the Mjini Orphan center in Kenya. He has reached out to me before for financial assistance to help with food. With Corona virus and we American who have a leader who forms a task force for ya with guidelines, Jocktan reports to me they have received no government guidance or assistance with food and masks.


Above is Jocktan PayPal account email.

Money at this time would help if you find it in your heart to help the children and widows at his center. But they need a well. And ways to grow their own food. Possibly a cistern to capture rain water for the people. They walk all this way to go collect water.

I feel like we can help them be sustainable. I messaged the white House about it and sent his name to the president. What can I do? A preacher without a congregation? I feel like I am more like pointing out the obvious. Africa needs help helping themselves.

Of my daughters helped him then he’s real and needs that help. I enforce what he’s doing. And as the land of the free we should be the ones to be the big brothers and sister we are over her to assist his people in being a land of the free too.

Oprahs place is just south of his place and I ask. Oprah? What about Africa? Jocktan reports he’s heard nothing from his government about supplies? What up Oprah?

Anyway. I’m hear speaking for this man who is trying to help children and widows on his own. They need help. Not money. I don’t not want to see this man begging anymore. And we need to help him. America needs to give her way out of corona virus land. Get back to god. Get back to realizing we are citizens of planet and not just a country. A crust of land we cling too while our brothers are in obvious darkness of he can’t even feed his troops?

He needs an e-commerce website for all the items they make. He need a marketing crew of trained people to help train his people. They need sewing machines and people to help the woman learn to sew. They need designers to help the woman design clothes to make and sell to sustain themselves on a community of like mind people. A tribe.

Jocktan needs to help with the education and funding of education for these woman and children. They need business classes and supplies. While America spends time inside we can take a look at our neighbors who don’t have a bozo the clown man to make fun of for leading us well. How many swans and ventilators? While cbs and Fox News and cnn report trash and our brothers go hungry and worry.

They have a swarm of locus coming. Who’s gonna get on that one? Locus flour is high protein. Jocktan could learn how to harvest them and process them to sell for food. The woman can learn to bake breads and such to sell locally. There are so many possibilities but he needs men and woman to help him and I ask why not us.

We think we are so great. How about we help Africa? Instead of whining about alone time and picketing to go back to work. How about we lead the planet again and help our brothers and sitters in need of assistance. Look it up. Check it out. They need help and we again are throwing rice like it’s a wedding. Rice is not enough this time. They need brain foods. Seeds. And we have all that.

How can America help Africa not have to beg anymore? Like how?

Just remember. You read it here first. Africa needs help.

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