My six year argument with Mamas

What a hoot. The digital WiFi age. How could I know I needed you now.

What’s good communication with no communication. To argue is a communication. Debating. Is good communication. Picketing. Good sound communication. To stay silent is a sign of control. But who’s controlling what? This is the question I ask of my own Mama. What ya holding back there girl? Come on. Let me see it. Let me hear it.

I am begging you to now speak Mama. I want to hear your take. Am I that far off? Do you lay silent because I am telling a horrible untrue story or is there enough truth that’s got you in a whirl?

I already know that I’m wickedly keen and astute. I’ve shocked a many with my accurate tales to close to home. It’s like having X-ray eyes to the souls. But. If I am wrong or off. God knows what to do with me. Kill me. I will not speak a lie.

It really just blows me away the reams of this stuff coming out of me. And know I will speak to the death of need be. You all will come together. Even if it’s to my funeral. Yes. I went there a long time ago. Can’t take it back now.


Mama took a vow.

And so did I.

Check mate.

You gonna kill me Mama?

Maybe I got mine

But you’ll all get yours

I’m working on a tea party.


I’ll be the actress starring in your bad dreams!!!!’ No

I’m sorry. The old me can’t come to the phone

Why? Oh?

Cuz she dead.

Stephanie? Heffanie who?

Anne’s Frank crank.

There she goes again.

Ooooo looks what y’all made me do.

Starring in your bad dreams!

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