Just ordered these oracle cards

I love oracle cards. Before I just read scriptures and self help books. Oracle cards really open up the imagination and the mind to new ideas.

How does anyone change just reading the same old same. But add oracles to the mix and wow. God can speak through a game. And fathers and mothers love games. Why should oracle cards be any different?

It’s kind of like go fish with god. We pray. Sent an intention and ask God, source, higher self, whatever you call god and watch God move and speak through a game. If your open god can speak to you through anything.

Religions. Dogma. Doctrines limit gods ability to reach us and that’s a fact. Scriptures get twisted. Look at the Mormons? Look at anyone. The Catholics all tied of with red tape? Denied me the Eucharist? And I am born and again and spirit filled. They would confirm me but they wanted me to stand on the alter and Minister in a ministerial position to the congregation? Does that even make sense? But that’s exactly what happened. I told the priest I would not sing at the Easter vigil. That I was born for to minister in song if I am not fit to be confirmed as a catholic. He said, it will be ok. And I said it will not be ok. That’s not right by your own standards? No.

I’ve watched doctrines get in the way and all twisted up for years. And now is the time of change and freedom from tyranny. We must self govern. Churches and preachers work for us and the rules need to change and reflect Christ. Jesus was not a dogma or a doctrine but a lifestyle. A way of being on the earth that the church doesn’t even talk about chasing demons and throwing bible verses all around.

Faith. Without works is dead. People are homeless and starving. Where’s the church? Where are the fingers and arms of God to hold the least of these and teach them better.

Maybe some people like living in the woods? Well we should respect that. Transient people. What even is that name? Moses was a nomad. Jesus was a nomad. God is a nomad. Like for god sakes. The house of god is our own home. What do we dish up? What do we share? Or do we hoard? Toilet paper?

I tithed. Hard. While living very humbly I listened to preachers who got rich while I helped tithed them there. What is that? I’ll say this. I gave as unto god all I have all day long. To people. Hungry and cold. I’ve offered up my home to many. I’ve fed many. I’ve given money to many. What about you? Most people worry that someone will go buy alcohol with the money they give to someone? Listen. Alcohol when it’s cold keeps you warm. If your worried they are drinking to keep warm maybe offer a bed? And a shower. But people are scared to do that. They might steal.

I’ve only had one person take something from me. It was a gas can from a boat. He obviously needed gas to get where he was going. So. I don’t feel bad god will right that wrong. It’s not my job to judge. I figure he was desperate. As unto god.

And most people don’t want to do that because I open up and share. I’ve heard all the fear arguments. And I did it anyway and was blessed for doing so. To have a chance to minister to God in human form is an honor. Sometimes it all peachy and sometimes I bring correction. And people appreciate it.

I am just like you. But I dared to test the precepts of god. The idea that you get what you give. So I don’t hold back of I see a better way I tell folks. It’s up to them anyway. They choose. Not me. I just advice strongly. If I feel strongly. If I don’t. I just don’t go there. I am choosing this battle.

Cuz we just play boxing. Or did someone get their feel goods hurt?

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