Yes. She’s got issues.

Mama Jeans got issues. And being raised by someone that’s got issues kind of well makes you have issues. Issues I have faced.

How my Mama authorizes this? But she was only 25. That would like having Chelsie decide. No thank you. I would be dead for sure. I would not have made it. Plan Be would loose to plan B. Yep.

Maybe she should have come but I do believe that I came to do this. But I did not come to like it. Nor, would God expect me to like it. God would want an honest report of my finding and expect me to be unedited. No Fox News here. Just feedback looping around and around like the marry go round I am.

Like. Oh by the way!

And this!

And that!

Doting all the I’s and crossing the teas.

My daughter has requested tea.


Did I forget?


Am I working on the family dynamic like an insane therapists! Hell yes. My family is insane.

Adoptions is insane. I am one of its slaves setting herself free to be me. Who I am and not who my Mamas wanted me to be. Facing rejecting and shunning, and excommunication publicly.

Go big. Or go home. Or go big and go home cuz the only reason I live right now is to see my family united and to lead my people to freedom. All of them. Set free to find each other and heal.

Very little hugs me these days. I got one the other day. And the pets are my contact. I feel like a leper molting. To observe. Has been most painful to see. The truth I felt all along. It was not going to be easy to win my family back. And face that I would have to win them back despite my birth right that give me that right. They. We’re infected with something worse then corona virus 19. Lies.

Living like a truck with a governor on us well this governors going. On my words. Mark those words I speak into being on high authority. Brick by brick. Torn down. No weapon forged against me will prosper. No weapons forged against my family shall prosper. Amen. And so it is in all directions of time. Thank you.

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

If my Mama reads this blog and can’t seem to find a way to call me so we can move on them who’s thinking what around here? And who’s telling on who? Who’s thinking on what kind of things and hung up around here when I have made it clear that when she calls me we will move on. Is Mama over it? Well? It does not appear she is.

I have prayed. And am confident god makes the way clear to us all.

Mama Jeans got issues. And I have made peace with that. Why must we deny anyone anymore? Is not her life enhanced when mine is enhanced? What is the purpose of blocking me now?

This is the proof of my pudding about reunions. Y’all can candy coat it. But it’s a shit show. and we get stuck with all the homework no one did about what adoptions really like. It’s just ignorant.

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