I do feel I have come far


I mean I am willing to work with two Mamas.

Most adoptees abandon the adoptive parents and go one with the bio parents.

That’s huge. And a sign of much work on my part to consider all sides.

It’s like working a quilt that’s all jacked up and trying to make it into a work of art. So I can shake the world that tried to lead me to believe there was no way in hell to make it look pretty.

My Gran Gran was on the front of a ladies magazine! So. Fuck y’all haters. She was a hell of a seamstress and creator. I’ve got a doll she made that’s so precious to me. Her energy all over it. Call to me. Oh Marcia Marcia Marcia. Did you even know Gran Gran really? She lead me straight to you and caused your heart to open and give me all that is my by birth right before my luny Mama could get to you. Thanks Gran Gran. They all underestimated your power of persuasion on gods ears.

He prayed for me and grandma Margaret keep it going like a good daughter she is. Y’all don’t even know gods power like I do. Guess you thought you threw me to Satan or something Mama? Or what? Don’t you even believe in god anymore? Or do you just think you know it all?

I’ll stop writing when god tells me to stop. sisters hexes don’t work on me honey. So. Better pray protection from the back lashing of that one. Slides off like butter. I am protected. Like whatever. Spells. Spell this. Love is the highest vibration. Love is truth. So. Good luck with that.

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