Not even.

My Mama wanted to deal with and raise what she made.

And she didn’t have too.

But there’s a woman who puts up with us all.

Can I please get her some god damn respect yo in here.

Who’s been waiting to meet whom?

Before my father left I got to see many things. Here we are in Jamaica. Columbus landed here. And there I am Mama. At ten. But I still missed you. Those eyebrows? Your best friend in the whole world. Right up there. Bestest. Friend. Don’t listen to Chelsie. What does she even see? Really but her own pain she must face?

Oh Linda Marie. When will you learn

You threw me like a hot potato!!

Guess what?!

Mama jean loves potatoes.

Please. Take a moment to imagine such a friend? She’s real. And she doesn’t back down.

She’s got faith no bible can teach Mama.

I know that look. It’s says. You crasy. Not crazy. But crasy. She doesn’t know she beautiful either Mama. Welcome to the club I’m trying to get pumped up. Woman. Stuck together and fight like cats and make up if their are smart. The world needs more woman like here and she lives in me now. Her legacy is me. Her finest work times three.

She’s saying Linda? Are you ready yet?

You know. I just scrambled those mental pathways Mama like an egg and hit um like a shock wave so you can’t find the way back and don’t even want too.

Jesus came as a woman. Her names also Jean Ann Berry. She took your karma. Your hit. Gladly paid the prices for me. Gladly. Always coming back for more.

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