You know how you tell a joke?

Well. You think it’s a joke to you? And you tell it and it hits a little to close to home?

And you realize, maybe someone else isn’t quite over it?

Yeah. That’s me and Mama.


Upset cuz we can’t have tea too. Why the hell did I teach my children how to set a table and drink tea I ask you?

Figure it out dumb dumb.


Not stupid. I did have a plan. But we all got to work together and I have not seen that ability yet in my family.

Joke on y’all. Played you like a fiddle player would.

Ain’t that right Daddy? I got god. Who knows all y’all’s numbers. And I prayed and God have them to me.

My family ain’t laughing yet. We need the books and the movie so we can laugh to the bank.

Go big or go home. That’s my


And I never planned to come home without a Big Bang.

Or is it a roar?

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