But seriously.

My Mama plays a

Horrible game of tag your it

Three time I go to her house.

Even take my son to see what’s what.

Like. Look son. I know you thought I was crazy.

But see? It’s so weird? I go visit and this is how they act😩

He’s like screw that Mama? Let’s go play.

These guys? Don’t have clue about tag your it?

Sad. We held such promise. Oh well.

Some people don’t get it. Tag that is.

And seriously. My Mama owes me three visits. I tagged her three times and no take backs. Nope.

Y’all be dull. But. I did need to go deep for this one. You all had a lot of baggage. But. Working at a hotel and all. I unpacked it for ya. But we all got to clean it up. And throw it out or recycle it I ain’t doing it all for ya. Damn? Lazy ass people.


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