One thing I now know for sure. Or maybe more then one thing.

My Mama don’t play take backs

But she ain’t taking back.

That’s the thing

She getting back what she sowed into the field of intentions.

She doesn’t like reading this blog

But she does read this blog

She’s upset

And I didn’t make her that way

I showed the family she’s that way under all that cool calm collectedness.

I know she hasn’t had the new sceipt

Cuz she’s not reading from a new script

Why? Well I don’t presume to know that.

I’m just tapping and poking to make the family aware. and to wake Mama up to her own feelings buried alive about me.

Seems I’m the key to that door.

So. I opened that door so the family could see maybe more then they realized was going on inside our Mamas mind.

I now know that my family was totally cut off from knowledge of the adoptees lifestyle.

Who does that? Well. A lot of people are like that about a lot of things they are connected to and just don’t educate themselves about.

Do I like having to wake my family up?

Hell no nots not a fun job cuz they like to sleep.

They want peace but seem to struggle on planting peace with me their own sibling.

Great job guys? Not

I know I won’t go down not telling them.

Cuz they will see. I didn’t let them down.

I told the truth and faces the family shame head on right after I was born and given away and now they can see me, I’ve been working since birth to overcome shame the world out on me cuz my Mama didn’t keep me.

I kept mine. For her sake. We are not all caught off guard. Because I’m on guard now.

I know my Mama loves me.

But she don’t like me right now cuz I’m the messenger setting is free.

I know my family has the right to stay asleep.

I know that Mama can’t go back to sleep now.

So. Good luck without me to help y’all.


Mama sent me to change. Mama Jean sent me back so y’all could change too. Do y’all even know what love looks like?

This is an intervention. Look it up.

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