Is there a monetary value to investing into Heaven?

We read the scriptures about sowing seeds and giving ten percent and all that. I’ll list them below.

But is there a monetary value on giving of your time and self? Does God give dividends on sweat equity? Or must we always give money?

We donate cloths?

We donate food?

We donate time

We donate efforts

We donate prayers

We donate children. No ones thought of that one. I’ll add it here. Children are in fact a reward. I’ve got three from my belly, trained, tried, trustworthy.

What’s the dividend there in regards to children?

I could. Hoard my children and keep them tied to my apron strings. Right? And I would reap my own rewards. Right.

Or. I could train an army. Of interdependent beings. and send them out into the world and reap the benefits of their contributions towards the world that ends up benefiting me as well.

What goes around. Comes around.

That is a truth and a lesson of you pay your attentions and go big or go home like me.

Everything. And I mean everything. I give is unto god and for the highest good of all. That’s my always go to intention since day one.

Sure. We all get frustrated when learning to ride our bike, lives, but we fall down and we do get back up wiser for the fall. Deep. Take a moment to think about it.

This ain’t about adoption baby. It’s about ownership. Who in control around here? And why would the big man and woman, I’ll add that for ya Mama earth, people seem to forget you. Not me. That’s my highest Mama. Mama goddess.

Y’all want to worship all lopsided that’s on you.

Let’s me interject here. If we made in the image and likeness of god then gods male and female. And it’s not about the body baby. It’s the spirits.

We can unload that bomb later. Keep it moving.

Like let me ask you the reader.

What you want?

Your own peace so some dummie can come and try to steal it? Or maybe can you broaden that scope of imagination and imagine with me for everyone? Yeah. That’s would be so nice.

Take a moment. And let me remind y’all. The field of intentions always popping and ripe for the harvest.

And Gods doing a work right now baby on all that so what yesterday’s ideas be getting a rearranging right now as the world? Now on her own ear be speaking to us through a virus.

Everyone’s yelling at trump. Focus people. Trumps been trumped by a virus. He ain’t in charge babies. We are. All of us. And Mama and Daddy and Jesus energy too. You know? Jesus. The grey area man. Yeah. We gots a lot of grey area children like that Jesus person, that’s needs so attentions and highest intentions and not this low level bull crap.

You all spend how much on a house in our name? And all the timings of silver or gold or baskets. Whatever. To reap the people harvests. And folks be going hungry and homeless. Does that even read right? Or is it so left? It’s left. And lopsided.

The church. Preaches of a father god. Left Mama our in the rain. Here me now. Mama. She don’t like it I’ve been listen to unhappy Mamas for years talking to me the orphan about their children and mine for that matter. They are amazing. Wasn’t easy tasing those heathens. But they are all blood bought even if they don’t show it. They are not flashy. Like me. That’s my job right now. Flashy. That’s me.

Investing. I’ve invested for a harvest. And donated my own flesh into the game. skin. Into this game. And we call them children. But mine are adults and warriors in their own right. And they bless me whatever they are doing I know, they doing right by me. I have. I doubt they are well equip and do in fact change this world for bing here where ever they are. Why would I hoard them when my own Mama did not hoard me.

People say she threw me away. Ha! Funny.

She gave me to god for my highest good was not with her at the time. Gods like ok. Your free will choice Linda. I hope you will be satisfied with my work when I am done with her. She invested with her own flesh and blood into this world and is reviving a return and needed a clean out of her memory data to make room for her blessing.

This is about intentions and investing what we have. We can judge all day I hear a lot and have shared similar stories here. I judge not my Mamas decision. But solve for my own X factor by unpacking all that I felt to get to the bottom of me the barrel. I invest it all. To god. Programmed it into my being. God knows. I told god. As unto you. All of it.

Emotions can be funny things. But they can be understood once you test them. Is my emotions right? Or am I in the throws of feelings that are uncomfortable for a reason? Like maybe a needed adjustment in thinking or perspective. Has something shifted or changed? Most of the time yes. That’s truth but in this world we have a lot going on to work through.

Past. Present. Future. Round and round. Everyday. Yesterday is the past and yet we get hung up in the past. Why is that? I’ll tell you what I know for sure. We get hung up in the past due to past lessons not completely learned and assimilated and also because we are hung up with someone else or a collect of people like a family who’s whole perspectives is hanging us all up.

People think they the boss. That’s rich. Sit down.

My kids used to fight. What did I do? Tied them together until they worked it out. Chelsie hates it and cried and cried. David. Was placid. He’s used to Short karmic leash, he order that. Not me. He’s named after a king. So. Put that together. He came to do some cool shit here. So did the girls. Each different. Unique. And amazing contributors to the highest of goods for the whole damn planet.

My babies. Ain’t greedy.

I am a militant Mother.

Duh. My eldest went into the military. Said I trained her for it. Wow? Ok. I’m solid. That girl? She solid. You go girl. She’s showed me her stuff. Mama tested that one and she tested me back. Thank you baby. 💋

I do love a payback. She invested back into me. Thank you. That ones smart.

She travels. And she picked up trash along the way. I love that about her. Hands on. Examples. Nice. She paid attention to me. Good on her. And. She also exceeded me. Thank god! I prayed that Hail Mary in. 🤪

I’m like show me what you learn baby. Use it on me please. And go hard or go home honey. 🤣🤣 and she did. She hit me hard with it. And you know what? I took it. Show me. Let me taste it. And feel it and it made me sick some of it?

That’s the world we live in. And I’m not so happy about it either. But Mama needed help. So she prayed for some warriors. And three came and brought many others. Many others to sit at my table and learn about this militant Mother. Half daddy half mommy wild cat parental unit person.

There comes a dime when god sits you down for a show of what you invested. The marks you hit and the ones you missed that your kids gonna have to tackle backed with your prayers of protection. Cuz folks be crazy and lost their hearts and god help the minds.

Do we really know god or so we only know ourselves? The body and mind are not god honey. The body is a temple where the spirit of god resides within us. If you want god you got to go in. If you don’t know this and I sound strange saying it you don’t know god honey. Go in. Please. And connect.

We act like god is outside only? Yet deny god in all. Trees. Cut down. Used to make temples where no one can sleep. We fight in the name of god and win nothing. Nothing. What does it profit any man to Gain the whole world and loose his own soul. Lose god. Miss god. Your Out of touch if you looking at a pastor for god. Gods all around you.

God is that homeless person asking for food

God is the dog and cat you feed.

Gods watching it all. From within.

Gods the tree.

God is that fly you hate.

God is your Mama. Ooops? I said that didn’t I. Yes. Cuz I know that is true.

So. What are you investing in? I have a dream. God gave me that dream. God knows what to do.

I’m sharing my journey with you. Invest into the world, and see a return.

It goes both ways. We murder. Murder will come for you. You gossip. Gossips coming for you.

You give someone a sandwich. You’ll get a sandwich.

But if you just give and tell god to add it to your account and rack that up? Oh honey. What’s god gonna do?

If you keep forgiving. What you gonna get?

If you are open? What you gonna get?

If your honest. What you gonna get?

And you can in fact handle the truth.


Cuz it will change as soon as you tell it. Just let what you got out and watch god give you better. Try god. Test god.

I did.

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