Shut the F**ck up…. 🤣

Oh Mama. Don’t act a fool. You know you wanna day this one to all of us. Go on. Get it out. I’m in place. So. Maybe let everyone else know their place. Now. At the mountain top of…… yep.

Let’s us all have it. But just know this. I’ll be the only one standing in line for more when your done. Cuz that shot done phase me in the least. I already played the quiet game and paid my attentions to all the details and the way back home. You is mine. Will you kindly inform the others now? That we now must share you. That would be so nice.

If I was the kind of person you all seem to think I am? You’d be dead. But you’re not dead now are ya? Hmmm?? Maybe you’ve all been watching to many csi shows?

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