I learned, to, CLEAN AS YA GO

“Cherish your visions. Cherish your ideals. Cherish the music that stirs in your heart, the beauty that forms in your mind, the loveliness that drapes your purest thoughts, for out of them will grow all delightful conditions, all heavenly environment, of these, if you but remain true to them your world will at last be built”, “As a Man Thinketh” is a literary essay by James Allen, published in 1902.

Now. Mama knows. Clean that mind of all that is not lovely or good and then see what god can do with that mind. The mind. Vast. Yet all within a skull. Do we allow god to rule the mind? Is god yelling my own Mamas mind? Or has god in gods infinite power allowing her to rule her life with her little brain and then showing me what that looks like? Gods shows me a lot through my family dynamics and reactions to stimuli. I pay attention to their reactions. I reacted similarly to the stimuli of being under a microscope called adoption. Add political parents to the mix. Then.

You get me. Some woman’s who’s been on fleck of days and yet a ghost to her own Mama. Swallow that pill will ya. That’s a rabbit hole right there. I started normal. Now I am some hybrid strain of human being who’s offspring are hybrids too. Futuristic folks we are. Appearing divided yet united. We can’t separate. We just fan out, and then grow up even higher then before. I’ve watched my family unit, called my children expand and grow their whole lives. I do know what it looks like for us.

And Chelsie. Well she infected the family and they don’t even realize it yet. Thanks girl. Chelsie know what’s hers in each blog post. She’s trained. Was she just your sister child? Having problems? Or did she go to the source of the issue and advocate and ambassador? that’s girls a mediator for the get go. And highly spiritual. Gifted healer. She can kill a demon idea with her love on spot. Boom. She can tickle it out of you. While Her own Mama calls them out, labels and files them for god. Not to mention. She’s not alone. She’s got a mighty sister who loves her more then her own life. Fact.

Chelsie know clean as you go like the back of her hand. What world is this quote talking about? Can a dirty mind filled with yesterday’s shit create a new one? Well. Let’s ask a gardener. Manure is good for the garden of life. Yes. It’s hot at first as it preps the soil or soul for growth. it breaks down and bonds with the earth to ready it with nutrients for the seed to come. Me and my children as we call them are transmuting karma for our family unit including Mama Jean.

My children and I came to change somethings for the planet. My kids have heard what I say and they are tired of it because I’m not the only one on this channel and frequency and they although they were kept are included in on the adoption party line, just like all my siblings children are. We didn’t exclude them. So they know. We did not withhold the truth from them they have watched us walk out truths in front of them. They are connected to the Foster party line. Any line children are praying on. My children hear their cries. Mine truth just amplified all the other truth being brought to the light.

Human trafficking. Being brought to the light. Right now while folks are at home, children being found and helped. As we clean all this up. The children matter. Even the adult children who didn’t get found. They matter too. I’m tired of this for them. I was trafficked too. And in trafficked my own. What is traffic. To move. To change lanes. Children are worth a lot. And the world is stopping right now. What do we make the children pay for? Well. We about to see. And we gonna change cuz god has heard the cries from all of us and we changing as I type this out all over the planet Covid 19 is arresting people who hurt children. I have no mistake in my mind who’s walking the planet in a microbe costume this time. Do you know who? Might want to pray about it. I’d say.

Are we as clean as we think? Or has the church been sleeping in the light for years and not sharing the light for free. 10% of what? To who? Who is the Lord? If not all who wear skin? If we gave 10% of what we earn and then share it would anyone go hungry?

America herself, pulled some big bucks out of her ass after saying we were broke. Can we say we are gods children really if there is one child separated from home and is hungry? Have we really learned to act like our brother Jesus or are we perpetuating more of the same old same old from days gone by and throwing, killing, moving, abusing the children Jesus said to come into him.

We drink wine to symbolize his blood shed and we drink in his demise. I think we could stop drinking and begin saving blood. How can any child really feel safe in a world that can’t even protect them in? Mine don’t feel safe I know that. And they use faith to battle that fear that’s coming from children who pray and are really unsafe.

We are all connected. I’m reminding my children here that what they do matters. If they thought I was raised bad. Well. Say hello to all my abandoned brothers. Cuz it’s time to change that from the inside out. Each person my children help is helping me times trillions and if it’s helping me then what is it doing to a planet that’s wounded by her own babies? My babies heal shit. They watched me heal myself. They watched me wrestle with the demons in my own DNA. They watched me call myself out in class and ask for their forgiveness for my programming. Beg for forgiveness for my programming. I worked hard to shield them from what was put on me, they will be part of this change. It’s in them from me.

They know the marks I missed. Just like I know the marks my Mamas missed with me. as they forgive and get loose of the emotional ties they will rise as part of the generations of young people to see the change I came to do the ground work for them to reap.

And my Mama is healing as she see gods will and why she needed me back. For this time. To see the changes I as a child prayed for to god. They know clean as you go because of my Mama giving me to a stranger. If that’s not a turn around then what is?

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