Now. How to stop over thinking.

I’ve paced myself with my Mamas over thinking and my own. Now. We drop that habit cold as we breath and connect to our heart space and she can feel a new decision just surface.

Her heads held her together. It’s scary when that all begins to fall away. What story line does she hold onto? The one emerging here. As I do a rewrite. Emotions are falling away. Mama is feeling lighter as she lets go of her own judgements of what I have said. See I see it differently then she does. I’ve just written the words. She’s gotten triggered at the words which has made her aware of her own triggers and we let those triggers go.

Soon. All I’ve done will show a result. I have faith she will come our wiser and more grounded into her full self after years of living without it this piece of herself to refer too. All my intel was blocked off to my Mamas conscious mind, yet it’s energy and so, subconsciously she’s got the info via DNA and my words activate the higher truth here with she and I.

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