Everything is energy


Have i stirred my Mamas pot of emotions?

Damn right I stirred that up.

Have I tapped her on each of her triggers.

Is she alerted to her triggers? Yes

Is she aware that I am aware of her triggers and fully tuned into her shadow side? Hopefully. She’s tuning in. She lapping this blog up for all she worth and says it tastes bad and yet still eats. Medicine. Her soul craves to set her body free and she’s taking it all in and can’t stop because her body knows I’m the cure and her minds catching up with her biological reactions to me.

Hopefully she’s disconnecting from the emotions that connected her to our old pains. Kind of like a zap or a burn to get her to let go. My words hold powers Mama can’t see right now cuz she’s in the thick of it. So am I. But I am aware and grounded into who I am ultimately. The shit has hit the fan and it’s fanning out and hitting who needs it. Shit is good when you understand gardening principle. The zap or burning is cauterizing the old pathways in our brains as god fusses us back together. And this affect is being gel by all in our unit and the world as a piece of a puzzle is returned to my place which includes both Mamas.

My Mamas mind is being altered to adjust to this fact so we can lives as we truly are. We are a unit of measure now. An adapted family unit and my Mamas committed to each other and my highest good.

Mamas getting lighter. No it’s not fun facing the past and waving goodbye by and your daughter you didn’t raise or thought you didn’t raise sweeps your world clean of old lowers energies so we can live in our ultimate truth.

I’ve made our old connection to hot to handle as I extend the new connection to her. She will grab the new one and let go of the old one. She will level off and adjust. She will feel better then before. Complete. And all her old symptoms will fall away.

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