It just never goes away.

Why? Cuz of videos like this. And Oprah. And all the stories that slam up against me on a daily basis. You want me to just drop it.

I want everyone to get back what I have. I am holding back cuz I want to have mind fully with my whole family. Look again. Behind me. Trillions waiting in line as I move the line so we all can get served at the same time.

This feeling she’s feeling. I know well and remember always. No DNA. I did this without DNA. Y’all don’t even realize the proof I possess in my story to gods restoring power of family includes us all.

Mama. It took a village and a village did what you thought, you got no credit for. You chose to believe it would all work out. And is it? Right before your eyes. Gushing out. You remember it to. Just differently then me. How does it look now with all that guilt you thought was gone really gone now? How does it feel. To be so loved? By a woman you never met, have her write all over me, scare me with love letters to you. Can you read me? She’s there in every fiber she touched the wound in you through me.

Feel it. It’s yours from her and the god we all serve. For god is no respecter of persons. We are all equal and yet different. And that’s the lessons.

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