A treaty was signed in blood.

In 1964 a treaty between to kingdoms was signed, a baby as collateral given in trust to a descendant of an Osage princess, while the world had no idea what two woman were even doing with me. my adoption was final in 1964. I was born in 63 or am told. My records were legally falsified. And sealed I’ve just had to go with the flow ever since feeling much way through lies while holding my truth as the detector of the truth of my life. Strange a way to live a life. But my Mama wanted this life for me so deal with my strange stories will ya. Thanks.

My Mama helped a native Indian have a child. She honored that contract and gave up all rights to claim me as hers. This is me, the daughter you gave up telling you the giver that the receiver really appreciated what you gave her she’d like to now share what ya both made. It’s lonely on her stage. She’s making some peace now with you who gave her the peace maker me. It is poetic justice Mama as I’ve ever seen and you just keep pushing your best friend in the world away? That’s insane.

She appreciates your honor of the agreement but also sees how upset I am and she loves me and knows I must regain some kind of trust you seemed to have lost along the way? but she trust we will work it out before someone dies and we loose this chance of a lifetime. Does my Mama even see that? An Osage princess be wanting to be friends for real now and Mamas all tongue tied? Now that’s a first. 🤣🤣🤣 we all know Mamas got the gift of gab and she infected me with that phonograph needle!

Mama Jeans gonna a laugh when she sees us all together harmonizing in perfect time. I will make sense to her at last. And really. Is this about me? Or her? I’m using my dna clout for her to be seen to my Mama in me and for her to see a savage that’s what her people got called raised me and defied any peace treaty a man signed. Two woman made some peace of work. 🤣🙏🤣

Me. A freckles child with blue eyes and reddish hair, on the hips of a warrioress of a nation, who’s woman were killed for their money and all she wanted was a baby that would love her like not even her own child could. Enter Linda. a treaty. And a peacemaker made in me.

My Mamas bestest friend. A kindred spirit. Saying thank you. Please. Enjoy our girl. I see you in her loving me. I would like to meet you as our daughter has expressed and you said you did not wish to meet me, so I’m extending an invitation to invite me to meet you. Our daughter is kind of special to me too. I’d like to meet who god made her from before I must leave this world. Thank you for your heart full considerations.

For the kids. For Mama Jean. So she can not live all lopsided too. She’s lived with me and my children and now. Let’s let her meet everyone so she can put it all together and know what true acceptance is. Let’s let her see how my other half lives.

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