My sister said Mama wasn’t that great growing up.

Now she knows why she just could be all nice knowing she’d denied us all. Me. Ya got kept. Starring at a woman with a lost leg and you think she just had three.

Y’all had a tortured woman raisin you. she hides it real well. But. I come around and she goes all squirrely. My presence can make that woman all jumpy. And that my father. In me pushing those buttons he always pushed in that woman. That’s the power of genetics. A mans love knows no bounds. And Mama zigged and could have zagged. But that’s ok. Daddy left a gift for these days that she could open. A time capsule called a child where they both live doing just fine. They defied it all inside me. Best power couple I know.

Y’all saw what she did all over Mamas face and didn’t even realize it was me. Is she supposed to give y’all something she couldn’t give me? Ask yourself what she gave up. Ask yourselves are we worth that price our Mama paid? Ask can we even pay her back? Watch me. Try.

My daddy never tied Mama to a marriage certificate. He never put a harness on her. He let her be free to leave and even give their baby away if she needed. Now tell me about your daddy’s who all needed a leash for my Mama? Go on. Tell me how great they were and then realize how great mine was, he let her go free to go get tangled up with whoever. He never stopped loving her. Loves not like that.

Love ain’t made sense to Mama since. And I’m here to make sure Mama see the love of Daddy in me. I won’t tie you to a leash in fact I’ll cut you free of adoptions ball and chain. She can come to me or stay away. That’s freedom. I will tell her, I will work to compel her to come, but she’s wild and I’ll have to give her all the space she needs so she sees she’s safe to love me and daddy now.

So you kept kids. Take a look at me if you need to remember how valuable that Mama of your is. Do you wanna walk the earth without her? Do you wanna be me?

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