Mama needed a lesson taught to her from a bartender who’d seen it all.

Didn’t think so Linda. But I’ll change your mind later when the bomb God uses us to build blows up and shows you my love like never before. Did you even see. The love in me.

Bartenders. Just preachers on the sly. Pour drinks so folks can loosen up and let it all out and Mama did. Let it out and my Daddy listened and gave her what he had. Did she appreciate his gifts? Or did she sell them to a peddler on the road?

The family that adopted me were peddlers from way back. Selling portraits. They traveled like Gypsy’s. And filled the world with bubble glass portraits of lost love ones in living color. Like me. They bubbled me up for Mama and sprayed me with color and sent me back for a look. Is Mama playing or is she just being rude and unappreciative of what the Gypsy did with me?

Gypsy’s are amazing. I love my Gypsy self that Mama sent me to learn how to be and didn’t realize it.

Daddy’s body said yes too Mamas body and I was made from them two people I call parents. A love child bomb for Mamas later years when her best is empty or so she thought? 🤣 cuz I’m always there. Talking to my Mama. And she talks to me. Sometimes we laugh. Sometimes we cry. And sometimes we just enjoy each other’s energy. I am tucked into every crack where my sisters are in plain view. Mama ain’t Mama without me. Cuz once my mama always my Mama. that’s my fact.

And get this. Mama likes it rough. Get your mind out of the gutter. Mama came like me to turn this hard lesson so we can make y’all see how much Mamas mean to the planet during a time when a virus named Corona walls the land scaring them shit out of Mama haters she flips the script for us all as we run home to Mamas skirt to hide under. Damn right. Me too. In my mind first. I’m showing Mama I never left.

What she’s not happy with is how the siblings are reacting to me with her. And yeah. That’s sad. But I won’t leave us that way long but long enough to show the world how nature works her magic always as my Mama wakes up to her present that got marked as a bomb. Love bomb Mama. Not that kind of bomb.

Shaking that sugar tree for all she’s worth. My Mamas reaping a harvest she didn’t even see she had sown. Mama helped separated babies from their own Mamas and I work at bringing them back together. Adoption. The big time out for Mama and child so we can work on appreciate one another. And appreciate strangers the world calls dangers who raise children not their own, in my case without even meeting each other. Is that danger? Or is that love working through a woman for another woman’s child?

My daddy was like fine. You don’t want me? Ok. I’ll go Over here then and love you from afar. But I’ll love you Linda. That ain’t gonna change. Nothing changed but our locations. Mamas like Chelsie too. Lol. What a hoot. Mama jean called it. And she always right. Daddy’s teaching Mama lessons she did not see coming through me about love. And daddy don’t give up. Just like god don’t give up.

You can tell yourself story all day long. But when our baby grows up she will help you see. About me. And you. She won’t give up so easy. She won’t give up at all. If all daddy wanted was sex then what do I want? Not sex so think again Linda. Think again.

Who’s holding you now Linda? Look again. 💋🙏🧜🏻‍♀️🙌

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