It’s like calling out bingo.

I’m calling it.

I’ve shared.

And this is how it’s works. If my words have caused you to vibrate pain? Well that pain in you not me. I know my intentions.

And I know how to flush because I am the royal flush flushing is all with my words as I call y’all out on bullshit.

Own it. What you feel is yours not mine.

All our hands now turned over and we all see who’s got what in who. I’m showing a hand. Is it mine? Does my family really know me? Or do they know what they think I am? I’d say the later.

Do I know how to drive a standard shift? Yes. And work the clutches of other people ideas of who I am. I am sure I see very clearly now do you? See you?

It’s the pot calling the kettle black. But the kettle is now calling the pot black back. I know actions however slight. I read energy due to being relinquished. It kicked me into high gear and y’all kept ones being running in some other gear. Slower. And Mama Jean was running in a gear and learned to shift for me. It’s not that hard. And she jives with my children as well. which means she jives with my family more then my family might realize? Who’s the elephant in the room

Now? That’s right! Mama Jean. Mamas side chick she never met. Like some catholic catalog bride from somewhere? Well. Somewhere is with me. I know. It’s so complicated to understand. Or so you tell me the one now trying to help you understand what I’ve understood for years. Yeah.

Mamas been living in the down low for way to long now and she needs some fresh air and to get hung out in the sun so she can revive. Crammed into some bio box from days gone by when she’s alive and well and a deep part of my life. That’s tragic. And trying to explain that my siblings now need to help her with me is daunting to say the least.

Try to keep backing me down. You can’t scare the truth.

I eat humble pie all day long since Mama left me labels an orphan, abandoned, rejected, relinquished child. Eat that all day for years and years as the world spoons it to you. Folks don’t know what humble even is playin silent games and biting my tongue all day cuz folks be lame and I’d like to strangle them but it’s not Christian. Adoptions not Christian. The world has no idea what they say and I hear. Ugh. Clean it up!

For me and Mamas sake. Your all insane.

You have no idea who’s standing behind me right now. Saturn. Karma. Charma is my name. Get out of this blessings way. do you know who I am? Do you even know who I work for? 🤣🤣🤣 evidently not.

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