Who’s trumping trump right now?

Ha ha ha ha ha

Who’s the big daddy trying to pay back child support now? Is Donald Trump now doubting our cash in the name of? America. A woman that’s got him now by the balls, trying to call her a virus, Corona this big fella. Your supports long over due times all y’all men energies.

Is your big Daddy present father figure paying his dues? Who’s dues? America is due to pay herself and always could. But we like everyone. We trying to help everyone like themselves. What does America got to due to teach the world the lessons of Christ? Jesus is an energy folks.

Now big daddy is paying. Who? The children. Who told him to? Big Mama, Corona or aka Mama Earth. Y’all be tripping riding on a planet going 1000 miles an hour in a spiral pattern. Fashion your seat belts but there is no need to be held down, the Mother ship is well aware of her cargo. World leaders lead if you pay attention. While folks are shitting there drawers and getting unconstipated, there are always those who came ahead of schedule and by surprise to be ready, waiting for those who are awakening. The tour guides of the real promised land. Always awake watching folks go mad before they enter the gates.

What time is it? It’s Mamas time. Daddy’s time. Children’s time to get this shit right. You play. You pay. Is big daddy trump, trumping us at the Mother Coronas assistance insistence? Or what?

I don’t know what y’all came for manifest here? Pandemic? But I’m manifesting for the highest good of all on the planet and sending it all to big Mama. Back at you!!like thank you for sending us all home. I was tired of all the complaining too. Now. What we gonna do? Can we conceive of a world where we all can stay home? And still work? Is this the crossroad we need to get right this time and not all left?

What is health care? Is families forced to self quarantine so bad? Or? 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🙌🙏 do we kind of get it? Family health is key. Touch is important when we all get denied by ourselves thinking a virus is killing us? Human touch is a medicine. How do I know? My Mamas. Both their touches are healing to me. I’ve denied myself one at this point to make a point at the right point in time. Denial. What have we been denying ourselves for capitalism is just like all the others. Isms. What are we afraid of? Successfully being social? That we could really grow up and understand a boundary and need no wall to protect what is someone earned goods? That to take is to take from all and yourself. That’s ones deep.

When you give and just keep giving. Giving is what you get. Truth is what you get. People act like I don’t know what it feels like to get a truth they think I don’t see. I can handle it. I handled it in the womb. I knew my Mama was giving me away and it made her sad. Cuz I got sad when she thought about it. That’s how connected I am to my own Mama. inside her was me loving her and hugging her on the inside, saying, I’ll make it okay Mama, you’ll see. Send me away. It’s ok. I’ll show you I came to stay. 💋💯🥰

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