Oh the Energies right now.

Purge purge purge. This Capricorn’s feeling her ruling planet. Saturn is kicking ass and taking no prisoners. She want her shmoney. Her worth.

What is money. A symbol of worth and value. How valuable are willing to say we all are or do we have walls blocking the idea of being black or African or Italian or albino? Whatever the twisted up mix. Star belly sneetches makes a whole lot of sense. Dr Sues a coding genius spoke to me.

Karma. What it it? Good. And bad. We say. It’s more like balance. Balancing the, axis of the planet and righting the left turns. Switching the gears. Going faster. Processing past data. Gleaning the gold of it. Releasing it to go higher. No dead wood weight allowed. Mamas taking a shit and y’all invited. Obviously everyone’s gotten the invitations. We shitting our minds too. Karma is cleaning the minds. Preclean. Into the new game. Don’t be lame.

This is what I feel in a daily basis. As I go from site to site tasting the temperatures. A mix of lost it and prayerful. Reaching out into outer spaces like Christians calling abba father. Daddy don’t do nothing without Mamas permission. We all know that. Why does Mama have us crying? Hmmm? Didn’t think about that did ya? Well I did. Saturns my Mama planet. She’s a bitch. And I love her.

I was born ahead of this time for this time and am right on time. Navigating these energies is a bit rough. It’s like cycles. I’ve been massaging my family for readiness since I returned. Massaging the crusted egg of my protective prayers over them with the oil and the wine of my dragon sweat and blood could only do. Loosening the shell. They have been in a time capsule of sorts. Loving life without me and yet with me. I am showing them our unique connections here.

Everyone has them. Due to denial of a gift such as family, I see and sense differently then someone who’s not been denied such a gift as family due to my unique circumstance. My one Mama denies herself such a friend as I know well due to lack of trusting her own decision. and in dire need of course correction. United we stand under one umbrella my Mama made back in the sixties with my skin. The umbrella talks. Get under me.

Now. Inside your brain. See me. Stand with me. Trust Mama back in the sixties and what god did with me. Mama would not could not make anything that would let her down. Ever. Own us. Own her blood runs hot in our veins. And that her blood runs hot in the veins of a native princess that she took an oath to support and cherish. Denial is not to cherish anymore. Mama Jean wishes to share the wealth with his sister invisible who’s in my Name visible. Did she know my Mamas name? Or did god help her remember who’s who around here? 🤣

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