Maybe I’m the wall.

And maybe I like being a wall.

What’s on the other side of me?

Well. You gonna have to climb up and see.

But then again.

Mama likes walls.

I remember this phone call game I played before caller ID. Children would prank call the neighbors. We were so naughty. 🤣🥰 Linda’s girl, at it again.

I wonder if my sisters played it? You call the neighbors. They say hello. Then you ask, is John wall there? They say no. Then you ask is Suzy wall there? They say no again. then you ask, well are there any walls there? And they say no again. And that’s when you get um and say, well you better get out of the house before the roof fall in and hang up screaming with laughter.

Mama. There’s no walls at your house you better get out before the roof fall in on ya! 🤣🤣🤣🤣is there any wall that can separate us? No. We both are walls. Walls holding up the roof of Adoptions Rules that gods tearing down. because god is a wall no one can tear down. So. Guess gods walked us from each other. While I scream from my side to yours and you are silent not realizing gods tearing us down to build us again.

Boundaries. What are they to god? Does god subscribe to a wall? Or is god the wall? Wall protect. Is god not a protection? What is there to fear? Or is god the wall that protects us from fear? What’s my Mama fearing? Or have I blocked my family from me? Maybe I am the one to fear? She knows to much. She’s free. She will infect us.

Who knows. All I know is I’m respecting the walls. And my Mama needs to respect mine. She let me go. I came home and showed her I survived. And now she can’t seem to deal with her decision and me the results. Whatever sister.

Jericho had a wall. And god said take it down with music. And the wall fell down. So good luck Mama. Your walls gone and you act like it still there. Cuz the wall was in your mind.

Well. That’s all for now folks. I’ll just leave you to wander around my labrinth here. Take care.

I’m going to wander my Mamas halls between the walls. Like I always do. I hope you loved the sneaks peeks into the mind of me and my Mamas mansion. Pie in the sky. I don’t have to make sense. We love each other and our cozy covert lady’s threesome. All under the noses of nosey neighbors Moses’s sister grew up in style, loved by two woman. One visible and the defendant of a princess, the other her husband, invisible to the naked eyes.

My own Mama. A Wo Man. Is that not man in the word woman? So gender specific don’t you think? Yet Man right there inside of woman? Head of the household. Who’s who? Mama. Started this. Or did Mama Jean pray? Or was it both. What is an answered prayer? What is husband and wife? If not two beings raising a child in such a visible covert operation?

In another nutshell. I leave this bomb of a perspective with you. My father opted out. So my Mama married a woman to raise the baby that came from him. She signed a contract with a shedevil to deal with the she and he devil in me that I came from. And Mama needed a reminder of the devil they both were. And to see my talons. And smell my flaming breath. Yes. I am. Her dragons blood child. And a shedevil for the highest good. Dragons can be trained to know when to use the fires to burn off dead woods from days gone by.

And I close this gate and allow what I’ve lit up to burn. Amen to yesterday. Fill my cup up with today as I toasted my gayest of Mamas who have never touched. Thank you. Thank you. For all the wonderful content. As you watch me torch the worlds ideas of marriage. Husbands wives. Love know no bounds. Two woman raised me and the men just tapped out. One even killed himself? The other one ran away to the pedi file. One just donated sperm and ran off to die in a war and ended up living to see what Linda and Jean made of Be. a man who looked more like a deer in our head lights. Not just mine. All three woman starring back at him caught in my dark web of intentions about teaching a man a lesson about just showing up and a dressing him down with a wing and a prayer. I was his sign, from god, three years and your ass is mine. Get your shit together son I’m calling your ass home.

Then Jack. And his confessions. Gone. He got a little longer to appreciate what he had. And Phil got even longer to linger with Linda. Now gone. Who’s Mama really loyal too? Mama jean. Her wife of 57 years. I do declare. It’s delicious a story ever told by the child raised by two obvious witches time trillions. What does even a man know of such husbandry? Nothing. At all.

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