Awe. Me and Mamas. Peas in a three pea pod.

And my children. So cute. Cute.

Me taking David to go see Mama. And Mama showing me here Goliath Victoria. Chelsie told my Mama I was a bad Mama. So cute. I got to see her Chelsie show me here ass face to face. Thank you Mama for the reveal. We don’t want to leave anyone out.

While my son gets to see how woman act so he can find better them that kind of shit show sister. He’s watching me show


How to love ya Mama. Best pay attention to this bitch. She goes deep. I see it. Folks be all hung up Mama. You needed a sledge hammer on preorder for today. Got it. Get it. Good.

Soooo cryptic. Soooooo covert. Cuz that how me and my Mamas roll. Since 1963. We all three been watching for our time a coming when we can all just lay down the old dumb rules and just be friends. I’m all in. Of course. But it’s the lame o family members that got kept that hanging this up. So entitled. So solid. But are they really seeing me and my Mamas starring them down now?

Looking like clowns. You bitches couldn’t even earn the trust my Mamas gave me. You’ll never know what it like to have two Mamas and ones hidden from view. Couldn’t even. And that’s not a rub it in your face I’m 57 years old and kept myself silent cuz y’all be bad sports not me. go home. Love your one Mamas. Step Mamas if you got um. Grandmamas if your lucky. And if your Astor’s don’t let these one hit wonders fool you into choosing one or the other. Take two to tango.

I ordered two solid Mamas and many others I met along life’s way. They all helped me and in fact stood by my Mama. Some woman reported harshly on themselves about what they would do if they were my Mama’s. But that’s speculations and opinions and gossip. Hearsay. Me.

I have two Mamas and they are married. It’s called adoption. The father can opt out. The Mothers will support each other through all means possible for the highest good of the child involved. Ask my Mamas. They will tell you it’s nothing. All in a days work they’d say. Except that I drive them both beyond the brink of who they think they came to be and peer into my clear blue eyes and see what I see is amazing.

I’ve learned to report the sad bad and mad. I feel it and read it off the faces. I see beauty. I have had to learn to see what it is others see and show them what I see with these eyes. Oracle. I guess.

My children. That’s there thing to say what their gifts are. Not my shit. Reading the everything like the walls street journal. Energy. Get to know it. Work with it. Learn how to manifest a destiny worthy of us all and not just yourselves. Go higher. If you were god would anyone hunger? And without hunger then what’s left? Hangry angry murder. Aside from the obvious food we are hungry for what else do we hunger for? Love.

And many seem to think love is maple syrup. When marry P said it’s a spoon full of sugar to help the meds go down. What’s the meds? If not the feedback, having to face our collective review in our own mangers. Me and my Mamas be in point. My kids. On point. What we pointing at? A lot. A circle of gunman. Busting up this old possum along with others. All around us. Joined together for change and a promised land we all be working for and keep failing to see ourselves in the equation.

Farmers. At this time need reapers. Free lunch is over. As we learn where the food comes from again. And maybe make sure no one ever forgets again? all these Mamas. I’ve got two. And I know that much which seems to be way more then those who are kept can even comprehend. And it’s good. Stop whining. My ears are ringing from the complaining. Shhhh up. I’ve gone years without my Mama you can make it without Starbucks. Cut your own hair I’ve been doing that since I was 15 and have done so many heads it’s insane. Some paid me. Some didn’t. It’s was fun and I’m grateful for that gift from my Grandma Renzi and to know it’s from her makes me happy. So thank you god for the amazing intel. She owned a salon. I didn’t find that out into I was 30. Like wow. Thanks granny.

See. Kept kids get to see the folks they are like and to hate it when we who are adored get it later when we will really appreciate it. We’ve waited in some line for what y’all don’t even wanna stand in line for anymore. Calling death in or something. Sad. I want both my crazy Mamas. Death will not pass over me. Or around me. Death may only have what’s called the past to feed on now. For all seeds die. But fed the proper amount of watering, tears in my case, my Mamas, a seed can transform into a new life growing in strange soil but drawing nurturing from it.

Children kept struggle to see our new birthing when we come home. The kindred spirits working together in perfect unison to transform. Showing what is fully. All cast and crew visible. Safe. Protected.

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