Tiktok 不不不不 Victoria.

Girl. You got to go and get on tiktok. Find me dumb ass. This video is on my page saved. A witch friend of mine dueted this silly woman. You will crack up its so funny Christian babble.

The gal on the right is the witch who had a recent live of her unlocked mirror. Fascinating. Right? So. Come find me so we can share bozzoo.

Here. I highjacked her video announcing the live unlocked mirror session. I missed it. But maybe she will do it again and we can watch live together? Like fucking sisters do? Yeah. I’m being an asshole cus your being an asshole. I am your unlocked mirror bitch sister. Now find me on tiktok. Stop acting like a loser. Gezz.

This gif shows pics from viewers. As she describes the faces and what folks called them. Just fascinating. And Mama need have no fear about you and me exploring. God is always with her girls. And we are protected.

You and me be lightworkers that work in the dark arts. I see you girl. You can’t throw shade on shade girl.

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