Sacred seven. For the mind.

Sacred 7 Mushroom Extract Powder – USDA Organic – Lion’s Mane, Reishi, Cordyceps, Maitake, Shiitake, Turkey Tail, Chaga – 226g -Supplement – Add to Coffee/Tea/Smoothies – Whole Mushrooms – No fillers

Brain food. Who knew? Me. I knew. And I’m sharing it with you. Thinking in so many directions takes brain food.

I’ve been putting this amazing mushroom combo into everything. Spaghetti sauce. Coffee. Soups. Hot chocolate? Yes. The best hot chocolate with Cacao and honey and cream. Yum. Pudding? Even cakes.

Am I adopted? Or am I adapted? Does this label say adaptation? why? Yes it does! Cognition? Seems I found something about 7 years back which would mean I was ahead on it? I was talking about this and folks were looking at me like I grew horns on my head, saying, “what?”

I sounds like babble. Blah blah blah blah. Especially to my own Mama. Who. Didn’t realize like I realized that we were tuning into each other on a new level. Nothing the same. We ain’t in Kansas anymore. Mama didn’t really put it together that she was our Oz and I was here’s. Pulling strings if you will. Dna strings pulling us back to each other and our minds, in the way. Programmed to repeal each other. Now being deprogrammed and reprogrammed to unite.

Trying an amazing sight to see the bonding happening and to be old enough to tell what it feels and looks like bonding after so much time apart. So natural but folks don’t get to see all the mess of this butterfly with me and My Mamas. My two wings all sew together and fully invisible in your inner eye. Your minds eye. We stitched together in me. I am the proof of what is with Be, Linda, and Jean. Call me crazy?

I’ll show you crazy. Sit your ass down and let this woman tell you what’s crazy. Three woman roaming the planet working together and no one seems to see it and tries to drag me to one side or the other. They say take cover. I am covered you assholes. By two Mamas. Mother. Protectors. Accept it. I got better.

So go eat some mushroom so you can keep up with us adapted people. There are really no walls we can’t take down and realize blocks are for standing on and not dividing. Dividing, growth can not be impeded. Growth will grow over the wall. At some point it will be a foundation to stand on. What do we say a wall is? A visible boundary that say, Mexico can’t seem to see? What’s that mean? It’s means Mexico has not learned any manors and needs a wall in the face to show them the boundary between American ideals and Mexican animalistic behaviors.

America. Lead by a man. Is a woman at the root. Woman have had enough of Mexico’s bad behavior and lack of diplomacy. Mama America is tired of taking care of bastard children. What’s that mean? Come correct. Your woman and children flee you to me, America the supreme woman to suckle my breast and taste freedom and take, take, take. Drugs. Guns. Barbarians. That’s you dear. While we feed and cloth and educate your bastards, once inside my boarders. Safe. Fed. Loyal.

America’s asking your to take a time out. How many people have we helped? People that kill their own? A lot. America goes down we all go down. So pray for America the so called whore now. Time out and pray that we couldn’t even see the Holy Spirit in thee Americas. The dream gone sour. Let us take heart now and return to some sanity. Don’t forget. I was born into crazy and watched us all balance out. We got this.

My message. Remember our Mothers. All of them matter. No buns without that oven. Boundaries and respecting boundaries so we don’t need to build them to make folks aware we all connected. It’s about respecting the boundaries of me and you. And it’s about clean connections. Healed connections. Strong connections. But also displaying that you are aware of where I begin and you end.

Why do our brothers war? So we ask enough questions? How can America spread to everyone so we all can be free? We all can do that. Unity is a good thing. How can we all make it work? How can our free wills be harnessed for the highest good of all? Can we trust nature take her course but are we aware of her course corrections?

You eat mushrooms and you mind can consider such things and we all can make this place a better place. And. It’s trending right now and I am reporting the affects I have felt from 7 years prior this trend hitting the main stream.

In a nutshell. Our collective minds are expanding. We need grounding foods at this time. Mushrooms. Proteins. Fats. Greens. Our focus switches to brain foods and a shift is happening.

War is ending. I’ll say it. We are tired of fighting and it’s time to address what needs addressing like it should be addressed and their is no need to use a gun to speak. We have words to express the needs and we have resources to supply the needs and just need to work on sustaining supply and demands so that we all can be sustained and not be so greedy. Greed is being faced right now.

While 6.6 mill signed up for unemployment money? How much was spent on a wall that could have fed and houses our own? Yet Mexico can’t seem to respect a boundary? What do they need? Us. Of course. Maybe some transitional training since they seem to be pharmacist? I’m tired of this story line. War on drugs and America’s the worst offender? We keep Mexico afloat? What’s the wall for? Why has the president quarantined us? At our insistence?

Hmmmm? Makes in wonder? A rumor starts. Of a corona virus. Where is it? We don’t know? China? Wash your hands. Cover your eyes. It’s Corona time. Everyone’s scared about a germ that we don’t know how we get? Does sound like some Moses kind of story line? Angel of death and now we are calling the angle Corona a queen. Now that some shit right there.

And with all the Christians here?



And so now we track the Angel of death. Stories. Crack the codes. The story lines changing this time.

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