There’s a reason why I had children.

That up until around my late forties I became aware of. And I’m sure if Moms really realize what’s the conflicts of Moms with their children get. We don’t talk about it. It just is evolutions flowing motions as we bring the young in to kick our asses for change in the end. It’s glorious. And worth being fully aware of because it makes our life richer knowing that when our body replicates and morphs our children, those children are the help.

And the help these days seems to me is the children today kind of are looking for a world where everyone’s got their own help. Meaning. Sustainable means everyone. They are aware that not everyone’s having fun and the world dirty and the trees and trash are so unnecessary.

I as an adult of 57 years old, young, whatever, listens to the children. Would we need all these children if we really had a grasp on what stewardship’s even means? And really. All these houses that this planet takes back when we abandon. while we uproots trees that bring viral oxygen and so much more? It’s like plucking out our own Mamas hair. And the children, are now the adults! Sit down. I’ve always been sitting down listening to my children!!! Suffer the pure hearted children trying to teach us. God damn it adults are dumb.

But not me! I knew exactly what Jesus’s words were saying! And now I tell you. As an adult Peter Pan woman no doubt. Gwen couldn’t even. Listen to the children. Always. They are intel if you pay your attentions to what matters most. What is old? I ask you. Rigged. Stoic. Solid. Pilars of salt. Without water we all turn into dry salts. Our minds rigged from rotes of mindsets inner twined in nonsenses we do that keep our progress back.

Listen to the children. Children are listening and have something to say. Learn their languages and they will change. Keep up with the children. They know the way through the woods. Stay connected to all of the children and never go blind.

All I knew growing up was I was to be a Mama and to have children. Now I know we needed help that would come from me. That I would go home to show my Mama the help that came from me was good intel. To show her god had a plan even bigger then we could see together. My Mama lost me and gained way more then she bargained for. And she got a life long friend in a woman she’s never met in the physical world and yet knows like the back of her right hand man.

My coming home like this is a big confirmation of so many prayers. Only Mama knows I’ve given her the answers. Right here. Public confirmations. Children help. I am her child who had three children am helpful in so many ways the mind can not even comprehend. I don’t even try. But I am trying to show My Mama. You can never take the Mama out of the child. You can slap a label on it that says something different. But that child is her Mamas child still. Nature. Jean nurtured Linda’s child. She loved Linda’s child. She loved Linda. That’s the math of it. That’s how I see it.

And I do believe my children agree. Hence my public announcements. For them because I listened to them. One is silent. One speaks. One does. All of them speaking to me in perfect harmony while I tune up the family frequency to love. My family. All cut off. Now know what they were missing. One child can have an amazing affect when withheld from her unit. And one child times three, and add one amazing woman that does not let go, and send that child back to her original unit and watch the affects happen. Watch love take over and turn the kitchen table upside down and fix it by adding one more leg times three and one more makes four. That makes it an eight legged table. who’s the table?

My mama is the table that gave one leg and got five back. And I do wish for my own original Mama to see what in fact she manifested was a divine extended family unit to her own in me. I am revealing what I am my children see. To make sure my family see beyond our past pillars of salt in the sands of time as they melt from the rain of terror called my children’s prayers.

I’m just writing what I am picking up on my Mama ham radio. My children can act a fool til they cut the light on. And I will watch them and read every movement. Like I always have. The world to me is energy. I don’t talk about it. But I need to explain it. So my family can see how I read and feel life. I’m different. To say the least. But my life is this deep. If yours isn’t well yippee for you. this is my life and I’m making it matter for the highest good I’m not taking prisons I’m setting shit free. I defy what’s been said.

Go figure. I’m the monkey wrench. Get over it. That’s how it is. Jesus defies the odds and I am one of his little sisters. I know I am a sister to a king. Do you? Christ consciousness is a lifestyle not a fable if you know what the code is saying. Scriptures are coded. Swords are for slicing people use scriptures like hammers. Bang bang bang. It says this! So sad. Christians gone mad. It’s deep and a lot of people stay shallow. Preachers preach the same old same of different day and wonder why gods people are shallow minded.

God gives me new revelations all day long and at night. If if that’s not true for you then listen to the children. Adults are just dry children who forgot how to stay watered and open to learning and growing. Like no. “I’ve got mine leave me alone.” that’s got to go. Hoarding is so obsolete. Share. The wealth and no one will need to steal. Who gave us all of this? Who was the supplier if not the earth? And we can’t share. We think we own the earth? She’s our bitch? That’s what needs to change. Respect the earth we call Mama. Remember who we are is not our own. This planet has paid a price while we dig up all her resources and hoard wealth she gives freely? That’s a shame right here.

My children show me what matters. Children know and are not all gummed up with yesterday’s programming. When you pay attention and follow the children they teach and show you what really matters. So many parents to busy to listen to the children. I worked for money so I could go home to my children. My career is my children what higher achievement then that job done well, listening and showing them the world I came from so they could tell me how we could change it. Working together with the children. Heard. And not seen. Now seen through me.

They raised me too. They took me higher. They told me the truth others couldn’t seem to see. They loved me enough. Because they we the help I needed from within me. It’s wild when you take a moment to see the value of a child times three. My body knew what was needed and gave it to me. My Mamas body knew what was needed and gave her gift away and got that gift back times four. One gift turned into five. I’d say that gamble did more then survive. Five. Thrive. With a body who’s blood can kill her own offspring I’d say that a thrive. Defied the odds and this gift brought gifts back with her Mamas best friend ever that she thinks she’s never met through her own daughter. 💋


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