Quarantine Diet of good media to feed your brains.

Music. What a medicine. Right? How did I stay connected? Ha ha ha ha ha. I spent 9 months with a woman that can sing at the top of her lungs! Duh?

People in the town I was raised. Could even. Not even. With a daddy that played guitar, and steel, and sang in a band with his Daddy until he died? Like attracts like. Mama. A song bird that touched my Daddy’s wounded heart way more then she realized. I’m living proof. Men’s bodies don’t have to merge with just anyone too. It goes both ways.

My Mama and Daddy both their bodies agreed on me. Proof. I’m here. So as a grown ass woman I’m saying what needs saying. Cuz you tried to label me and strangle my Mama. But I’ve got swords you didn’t count on and I know how to use them. While I carve it all off me. Label after silent label. Who am I? My parents daughter. The best of them. Preserved. One hell of a combo. Just like you. But I really know what gratitude is. You kept children, don’t know what I know.

Mama. This woman’s got an anointing.

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