You relinquished. Bio Mama.

So you relinquished.

You gave your gift away.

Yeah. I feel ya. Truly. I do.

Now what? Is there a road to take now or are you now cut off at the pass over.

Or? Does god have the new plan?

Am I the one of the new Moses? Can I lead you to freedom? Well? If I can’t lead you then no one can.

Buts it’s gonna take some real honesty to clean all this off.

If my story triggers you? Then you got triggered a long time ago and I am just touching all the places in you connected to my words.

I am unearthing all those trapped feelings wrapped around what was said to in fact set us all free cuz I’m not just doing this for my own health but the health of the nation I belong to now, and I am going for humanity as well.

We all need to know where this goes. And we all need to be more supportive of woman who conceive. I am the help you needed a long time ago coming in like a voice from this wilderness speaking of freedom coming to you.

First. Forgive yourself. You didn’t realize. I get that.

Cry it out. Go on. Let the tears fall and grieve for yourself and your child so they won’t have to be the help when they find you. Be ready to revive that gift. Gods not gonna let you down.

Cuz all we want is that warm embrace of yours that only you can give. And if your all caught up in some story that’s not them you won’t be able to receive our love and you’ll push them away like my Mama pushes on me.

This is the turn around agent at this dead end standing her blah blah blah directing this traffic jam of mamas stuck thinking it’s over. It’s not over ladies. Gods bringing the gifts home to you.

They will be different. They will act different and you did that. Own it. And work to find the blessing. Don’t let the past and what was said get in the way of your blessing.

This blog is a lighthouse to shed light so you the Mama who relinquished can work it out and read all we hear while your away. For me, I’m here to prove it’s all wrong and some was right.

I’m here plowing our ground and planting some good seed while I pull all the weeds so we all can see who’s who. Adoptions not a this or that for me. It’s about exclusiveness. Not excluding. I’ve felt exclusion. It’s doesn’t feel good.

I stand here with both Mamas. Telling all my truth of what I saw and felt while cut off from my other Mama. While she prayed ya through, Hailing a Mary cab asking god to get us all home ok. Hope. She floats. Faith. She’s alive inside of us all here in adoptions world and it’s time we unpack and maybe spruce things up around here so we all can feel a bit more comfortable.

I know Mamas. Your wounded. But I’m not an enemy. I am the help. I did my time. I payed attention. I paid my dues. I read the books. And I’m writing it way bette them this. Join me. I’m a friend.

I’m the voice of your child crying in the wilderness wandering for you. Take heart. We love you. And love is the most powerful energy that’s here. We. Will prevail.

We cleaning up this mess. And we need you to help and not lament about the past. We are at the crossroads of change for the children of the future and you Mamas got the juice to help when we unite.

It’s not gonna be easy.

But let me ask you this.

Has it been easy without your child? Is it gonna be worse? Are you ready to work to open that gift now that you denied yourself so long by believing they were a curse?

The question is. Can we conceive a new beginning and take all this shit we went through to put it on the garden of our lives? And see a harvest that adoption diverted?

I know. You may feel you just can’t. But you can. Yes. Your strong and we kids are stronger now. We won’t let you down. At least not me. I’m sticking my neck out here for you. Again. But now I am an adult so. I’ll be fine. It’s you I’m coming for.

My siblings are waiting and watching for a sign this way will work. And my Mama will not let you down because she knows you all need her to step up and show her that god is bringing us home and it’s a blessing that comes to you now, the curse was to deny a woman her gift.

My Mama won’t let you down. She will show you this way is the way we heal. I have faith. So faint not. Do the working. As we get it all out of the way to our new promised land.

#adoption #truthbombs #adoptionlove #adopteetruth #adopteewisdom


I am an Adapted, artist, Mother, a soul, a human, singer, writer, activist, minister and deprogrammer and reprogrammer of minds. And I am here because we need to change how you see it, a lot of things that is. For us Adoptees who have lived in the dark. We were cut off from our families. And that is sad people.

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