Therapists are traumatized

Therapists are traumatized by our stories.

I have an imagination that true. And a flare for the dramatic this life has afforded me all of the content. I don’t need to steal anyone’s story. Mine is my own. Your is yours. Each has its value.

But therapists get triggered. Like one of my twitter friends sister in adoption posted. She had to report her therapist. Like therapist get triggered. Especially people who are also marginalized with us adoptees in our paradigm including A parents and bio Parents. All get triggered. And we naturally being very adept at a system we grew up with realize and are didn’t the words to express it to our peers and parents and the world.

Cuz adoptions touching everyone at this point. Go on add it up if you must. Times two in everything. That’s an affect. Adoption affect? Or adaption affect and lesson, we the children the subjects of the test in love resilience.

I know I passed and stand before the world holding hands with my two Mama. Shy. They are. But I make up for it and stand in until the right time. Now that I break it down down break it down down da down down down. I don’t back down I break it down and you just realize theirs no blocking what’s yours. Just cuz you gave me to Mama Jean? Don’t mean she owns me. You read me loud and clear. I am my own. So are my kids there own and we are similar and associates but not all quite the same. But they are my tribe until and after I die. My closest tribe. And beyond the world tribe. Also mine. I fit and stand out. There. How do like that one? I just accept it and rolled with it.

I was born to step out of line. Queens don’t stand in lines honey. They standing in line to see us. Cuz we got the juice.

My Mama is welcome to come and go as she please as well with no concerns as to what she says to Mama Jean. She’s heard it all. She’s trained. I trained her and it warm easy she still has he glitches. But she solid. She ain’t Mama. But she’s her own. Too.

And therapist? They can’t go where I am going? Can’t even get here. One therapist gave me EMDR? I’m

Not sure it was for me? I wasn’t triggered. She was and wanted me to repeat it so she could calm down. I felt fine. I left and felt fine after getting away from her? She talked over the top of me? Chelsie didn’t like her either but she could say why. She may have tried. Weird woman that one who secretary is autistic. I must be autistic cus she seemed fine to me? a little weird but aren’t we all a little strange?

My story has had an affect on my therapist with Their jaws hanging open as I unravel it all. I usually leave they can’t take it and neither can I help them without getting paid. It’s all backwards for me. I tell them. Pay them. And end up therapying them? Makes no sense for me to do that. I know my own triggers as well as I know my Mamas buttons and how and when to push them and why. did you think I was dumb at basic human mechanics 101? That’s funny. I do get under estimated a lot.

But she didn’t report that therapist to get them in trouble. The therapist was in trouble getting triggered in therapy is for the one getting help? Not the one getting paid. Thank god the woman who reported was educated enough to realize this it could have scared her progress.

That’s why I don’t charge. I’d you want to help me live and survive them do so. If you feel moved to do so. But I’m here to be the help. I’ve paid my dues not yours. Mine will be different according to my life work then yours. But my Mama is part of my reward for a job done well. That’s why I am work work work work working on my shit.

Mamas that are grounded in their own truth and the truth as a whole laugh at their kids. What’s mine doing? No one knows. And they ain’t telling me? Does that sound right? It’s may sounds similar to you but is that what we shoot for? No. I didn’t think so. Love does take two or three. If god is a we. And I’m pretty sure god is a we if there’s three or more gods around her we can speak of? Gods all and all is god. So. That’s changes everything once you accept that.


I am an Adapted, artist, Mother, a soul, a human, singer, writer, activist, minister and deprogrammer and reprogrammer of minds. And I am here because we need to change how you see it, a lot of things that is. For us Adoptees who have lived in the dark. We were cut off from our families. And that is sad people.

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