The World Is Changing

We seem to be at a real crossroads where as individuals and collectively as a society we need to make some serious choices and sacrifices.

The World Is Changing

Great read. Why is Mama earth hitting the breaks? Which way now? Clean up. Move down. Move around. Dance it out change it now. Not later. Jiggle for me baby. Who’s yo Mama now. Shake it for me now. I’m nasty I’m evil. Live evil. Whatever. Twist it it twist it. Do you know love. Do you even know love?

Cross road. Road of the cross. Whatever. Y’all be cute. Dirty filthy mind and why? Cuz your made of it. Why is that now a bad thing? Think I’m gonna our up with this? While my daughters pray prayers over all y’all! Calling my ass in! Corona? Mama! That’s who creeps like a virus cuz you a virus if you don’t understand. I’m no virus. I am the dirt your ass walk on. Stand. Give me my shit. I made it! You ate it! Now give me the shit that come out and watch what I do with shit child!

Did god make all? Then death is MY BITCH!! Bitch? Yeah you reading. running your eyes is she talking to me or is a lie? Worship the ground that you walk on and that you are. Duh? Mama is tired of this. We changing directions. Now. Buckle up child. Hand and arm inside that house while Dorothy goes Wild she’s a tornado riding. This is not a dream. It’s what we are not shooting for with our swords and arrows. It’s the heart of the matter that matters. The heart.

I am the creator and the physician to all halls need ask me. Dare me. I’ve dared you and you all just complain!! Order. And maybe? Think of others while you do and ask for the highest good and see what I can do with such a blanket request. do I know you? Try me.

Now and not laters

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